Healthy Eating Tips

Control your munchies and eat healthy!

It’s no surprise that “the munchies” are generally associated with marijuana. To ensure that you feel both destressed and nourished, skip the foods which are usually associated with the munchies i.e. salty high fat & refined snacks. Instead nourish your body to the highest standards & choose foods which are healthy, nutrient-dense, and both texturally & flavorfully stimulating. We can almost guarantee your waistline & long-term health will thank you

Pistachios, with the shell in tact: Unlike potato chips & pretzels, these require some kind of awareness to remove the shell. Along with slowing you down and minimize the risk of you consuming them in excess, pistachios are rich in antioxidants & can boost your cholesterol levels. Opt for varieties which don’t contain added salt. 

Air-popped Popcorn: Unlike microwave popcorn, this variety is full of wholegrains & fiber without any added preservatives or sodium.

Turkey Sandwich: Rather than mindlessly graze, opt for a substantial snack to keep your munchies at bay. Top 2 slices of 100% wholewheat bread with hummus & turkey breast slices for a balanced snack containing whole grains, lean protein & heart-healthy fats. 

Greek yogurt & Granola: The cold & creamy consistency of yogurt replicates that of ice cream and the granola will ensure your sugar cravings are kept at bay.

If cookies are your “thing’ when you’re stoned, skip the Tollhouse & get your fix while also serving your health. The same way you pre-plan & stock up on rolling paper, do the same and prep these Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls beforehand. Bonus: they freeze well so make in bulk :)!