7 Questions to Help You Find the Best Cannabis Packaging Provider

Product packaging is an essential part of marketing a brand as it creates that crucial first impression. It is a reflection of the company to the customer. It is important to seek out a provider who will showcase your brand and make your products look their best.

A long-term strategic partnership between a cannabis packaging provider and a brand can help to grow both businesses. Here are some questions to ask to help you find the right cannabis packaging provider. 


1. Does the cannabis packaging provider have the necessary expertise?

It is important for the packaging company you work with to have a good understanding of the cannabis industry and your products. This is why years of experience in the industry matters. Examples of past work and reviews will help you to decide whether a company is worth partnering with for cannabis product packaging. 


2. Can you explore cannabis packaging solutions together?

A good cannabis design packaging company will work together with brands to explore available containers and help them choose what fits best with state regulations and presents the right design opportunities.

It can be difficult to find a balance between the two and brands need to find solutions that are practical, compliant and attractive. A reputable cannabis packaging company will make sure you get quality packaging and can even help with branding.

Cannabis products come in so many different forms today and the best packaging for each product depends on where it will end up. For example, paperboard packaging is commonly used for secondary packaging designs that end up on shelves or retail displays and it is possible to customize it to the requirements of an individual product. 


3. Are the cannabis packaging solutions sturdy and protective?

There are so many different cannabis products today and many of them are fairly fragile in nature. Using cheap, subpar containers is counterproductive as the contents may be spoiled. For example, an improper seal between a bottle and a cap can cause damage to what is inside. 

Cannabis concentrates are usually stored in screw-top containers, such as opaque or transparent jars contained in small boxes that are easy to open. 

Marijuana companies looking for an edge will benefit from packaging that preserves freshness and potency of marijuana flower by avoiding exposure to oxygen. Nitrogen cannabis packaging, for example, is a way to ensure marijuana flower stays fresh.

Edible cannabis products are commonly stored in opaque, resealable bags and child-resistant folding cartons. Cannabis oils are typically stored in opaque glass bottles to preserve quality. Opaque pop-top tubes for pre-rolled products make them secure and child-resistant. 


4. Is child-resistant cannabis packaging prioritized?

As the cannabis industry grows and faces ever more complex regulatory challenges, it is important for brands to use child-resistant cannabis packaging. Many states have their own requirements and brands need to strictly adhere to them.

No-one wants product recalls due to safety concerns. A company should be able to guarantee compliance with industry standards in the form of certified processes.   

Flexible marijuana packaging solutions, like weed pouches and weed bags, are growing in popularity. Reclosability is vital and companies are using press-to-close and slider zippers. Well-designed packaging utilizes closures that ensure easy access to the product inside by the user and yet keeps children out.   

Closures for bottles are an important part of cannabis packaging. Is the provider able to provide closures that offer complete functionality? The industry is moving away from the closures used in the past and coming up with new solutions, such as squeeze-turn caps for capsules and push-turn dropper caps for tinctures and oils.


5. Does the provider offer customization for your brand?

Is the cannabis packaging provider able to customize packaging to suit your exact specifications and design? If you have to select from products that already exist with no options for customization, you will not stand out from the competition. 

The more options for customization, the more chance you have of conveying a unique brand image. Packaging that is custom-branded with a unique logo and uses color creatively can really stand out. Find out what customization options are available. You may be able to use a unique shape or add features, like reveal flaps.  

CBD packaging is often customized by taking inspiration from the beauty or food industry, such as using embossing or a silky gloss. Print effects and finishes can make a big difference in helping CBD packaging to stand out from the competition. 

Some cannabis packaging companies are able to assist brands with merchandising and branding. This includes items like custom snapbacks, weed stickers and pins. Cannabis stickers come in imaginative designs today that help with branding purposes. Some weed stickers are made with high-quality materials that make them suitable for use in various ways.   


6. Is the provider committed to using sustainable marijuana packaging?

Many consumers today want cannabis packaging to provide alternatives to plastics made from fossil fuels. Using resins made from renewable resources, such as sugarcane, is becoming popular. Partnering with a supplier that uses alternative and recycled materials can help your brand to appeal to consumers with a concern about the environment. 


7. Does the provider offer speed to market?

Speed to market is critical to success. Releasing new products as soon as possible is very important in the cannabis industry, although this does not mean compromising on quality. The right cannabis packaging company will combine efficiency with quality and reliable design. 


A final word

Providing cannabis products in high-quality packaging can be the difference in making a sale or not. It is worth forming a strategic partnership with a reputable cannabis packaging provider to get the kind of packaging your business needs.

With quality management in place, the best cannabis packaging company will be able to combine quality with speed to provide innovative solutions. There are many different components to packaging design and the best packaging companies will be a one-stop-shop for all your packaging needs. 

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