How To Differentiate Your Cannabis Packaging
With custom canna packaging, brand owners can create instant recognition within a niche. As a brand’s credibility and visibility rises, so sales increase.  Brands use every available option for differentiating their packaging including using unique shapes, colors, finishes, child-resistant features...
10 Packaging Tips to Help Build your Cannabis Brand
Cannabis packaging is integral to building a brand and needs to make a statement as competition is fierce. Brands that do not stand out on the shelves in the dispensary are unlikely to succeed. This is why custom cannabis packaging...
Micro Influencers: Are they Worth it?
Reaching out to micro influencers has been embraced as one of the most effective networks in promoting your product or brands and it helps you push high quality movement and consumers.
Branding & Identity – How It Works and Why is it Important
In the olden days, branding is mostly used in livestock businesses to indicate the origin and the ownership of animals. Farms mark it livestock (cattle, cow, and etc.) with fire-heated irons to give identification to the farm that produced it. Fast forward to the present time, branding is now used in different type of businesses and it became one of the most important aspects in any business, large or small. Branding helps your business establish a connection to its consumers – it represents the values of your business, the service you provide, the quality of your product, and the promise you made to your customers.
Organic and Non-organic Rolling Papers
You love Mary Jane and you love Mother Nature. What is the best way to enjoy both? Use an Organic rolling paper! Enjoy a good joint without compromising Mother Earth. Roll it up with your friends and it will be like a smoke fest with nature.
How to start Marketing your own Rolling Paper Brand
You’ve just started your own rolling paper brand and now you’re wondering how people will know about it. Well, the answer just lies within the place you always visit through your smartphone or computer.
RGB vs CMYK: The Difference in A Nutshell.
RGB vs CMYK: Knowing the difference between the two color modes will help you optimize your design process, starting from the design to printout.