My Favorite LA Dispensaries and Why
Los Angeles is the heart of West Coast dope. There’s a reason why LA is renowned for its vibrant herb scene, and it’s not because every rapper mentions the quality of cannabis here. Local herb cultivators have long perfected the art of growing marijuana - and it’s apparent when visiting a handful of dispensaries in LA. Read along to find out which LA dispensaries are my favorite - and why.
Is Legal Herb Overpriced? My Thoughts
The legal herb industry was marketed as a primary way to destroy the black market and increase local tax revenue. However, in the last two years, it appears that legal herb prices have skyrocketed, rather than declined. Read along to understand why legal herb prices are increasing and how they will continue to do so over the long-term.
The Decline of Booklets and the Rise of Pre Roll Cones
Before pre-roll cones, there was always a steady supply of rolling paper booklets and strong demand. However, the age of pre-roll cones has completely changed the landscape for herb dispensaries and smoke shops. Read along to understand why rolling paper booklets are on the decline and why pre-roll cones are on a meteoric rise - and what you can do to stay relevant.
Branding and Dope

When it comes to boosting your herb brand’s image, revenue, and relevance - there’s no better option than branding. Branding is a tool that separates your company from all others, which is essential in the highly competitive herb industry. Read along to learn how important it is to incorporate a strong brand with the help of customized products.

Which Dope Brands Have the Best Packaging
When it comes to success, all you need to do is look at those who have accomplished it. However, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into creating the best packaging. In the world of dope, there are a handful of brands that stand out among the rest. Join us as we take a look at which dope brands have the best packaging - and how you can achieve the same level of greatness.
Is the Vape Apocalypse Here to Stay?
If you’re in the tobacco or cannabis industry that relies on products for smoking, such as pipes, bongs, rolling papers, cones, and grinders - are vapes here to stay? This question has now become a reality as vaping products have recently dominated the market. Join us as we take a look at how long vaping will remain a trend and how your business can compete.
Why is CBD so Expensive?
Have you ever wondered why a 50mL bottle of CBD oil costs so much? We have to, which is why we wrote this article. Join us as we take a look into the hemp industry and why CBD products seem to cost so much more than their THC-rich counterparts.
Why Will China Take Over the CBD Market?
There’s a reason why China is poised to take over the CBD market. But why? Read along to find out why China is likely going to outproduce the rest of the world in CBD production.