The Destination for your legal herb-Inspired Product Solution


Have a product idea related to legal herb and want the right manufacturer to provide you an out of the box solution? Well, look no further than ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS—the destination for entrepreneurs and business owners like you who need a full turnkey sourcing solution from China for anything related to the legal herb industry. Whether it’s t-shirts for a giveaway event or CBD extraction equipment, we can meet your objectives through just a few short steps (we’re here to produce results—not waste your time). So, here’s how it works and what we do.

Step 1 - Listen to You and Your Business Goals

We start by scheduling a simple conference call with you to understand your product idea. You’ll be doing a lot of talking, and our team at RollYourOwnPapers will be doing a whole lot of listening and taking notes. In short, we want to clearly understand what you would like to manufacture.

Step 2 - Plan and Create Digital Prototype

Once we have understood your requirements, our graphic and industrial designers get down to business, providing you with a digital mockup/rendering. We’re pretty confident you’ll like what you’ll see. (But we’ll only move on to the prototyping after your approval, of course.)

Step 3 - Produce Pre-Sampling Sampling

Once you are happy with your prototypes, we arrange to produce a pre-mass manufactured sample with a packaging solution for a point of purchase environment. Your satisfaction is a big deal for us, and you being unhappy with a sampling isn’t cool with us. So, if you’re unhappy with or unsure of a sampling, we can do multiple rounds of sampling until you are fully satisfied with the final outcome. It’s at this stage that we can provide you with a composite bill of materials list that is broken down by raw materials and labor input. Our goal is to keep your cost as low as possible without sacrificing quality.

Step 4 - Engage Mass Manufacturing and Quality Control

After you sign off on the pre-production sample, we arrange to procure all raw materials and provide them to the manufacturer. This is everything from product to packaging. During the mass manufacturing process, we will have a full-time onsite QC inspector, inspecting every part of the production cycle. We will provide you with weekly updates of the manufacturing process with images and videos for you to verify.

Step 5 - Post-manufacturing and Shipping

Once your product is done and ready to go, we can handle any shipping situation, whether it’s FedEx, air freight, sea freight, delivery duty paid, drop shipped, etc. We get it. You want your product. So, we ship to your preference—We can handle any requirement.

Don’t let your legal herb-inspired product idea whither away (because the longer you wait, the further it does), contact us to learn about our sourcing solutions today!