Cone Shape Flat Rolling Paper - HOT SELLER FOR INDIA

Cone Shape Flat Rolling Paper - HOT SELLER FOR INDIA




This purchase is for Cone Shape Flat Rolling Paper. *HOT SELLER FOR INDIA*


Choice of paper pulp:

  • Unbleached 100% Pure Hemp Pulp (13 GSM) - LIKE RAW ORGANIC
  • Unbleached 50% Hemp & 50% Flax Pulp (13GSM)
  • Unbleached Unrefined Wood Pulp (12.5 GSM) - LIKE RAW
  • Bleached Rice Paper (13.5 GSM) - LIKE ELEMENTS

Choice of size:

We can cut the paper any size with a tapered edge to roll cones.


What is a Cone Shape Flat Rolling Paper?

Non interleaved, 90 degree on one side and tapered on the other to roll cones with. The tapered is extremely important to roll a conical cone with a straight gum line.


Who needs a Cone Shape Flat Rolling Paper?

Looking to put up a cone rolling unit? You will need this to roll cones. Look at a RAW, Futurola etc cone, they all have a straight gum line. Cone rolling units have become extremely feasible in countries with low labor costs such as India.


What are turnaround times?

Depends on shape and size - it will usually take us around 20-25 days to complete the job.


What tools are required to roll a cone?

We have perfected the process to roll a cone and have the STEP & STL files for you to 3D print the tools in your country. Get in touch with us!



  • CLICK HERE to download our 100% Unbleached Hemp & 100% Natural Arabic Gum testing reports
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