$100 BENJAMIN Rolling Paper - Super King Size (Free Shipping) RUSH


SIZE: Super King Size 110mm x 54mm | 4.33" x 2.12" - 10 leaves a booklet


Your design edge to edge on booklet using the $100 BENJAMIN US DOLLAR. Nothing like this exists on the market! Printed using 100% organic soy ink on 100% Unbleached 13GSM Hemp Rolling Paper. 



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This is a purchase for Super King Size (70mm x 36mm | 1.42" x 2.75" - 10 sheets a booklet) with your design printed edge to edge on booklet Super King 109mm x 54mm | 4.29” x 2.12” Benny $100 US Dollar Rolling Paper.


Couple of points:

  • Base paper is made from Unbleached 100% Pure Hemp Pulp (13 GSM) - LIKE RAW ORGANIC and is printed with Benny $100 US Dollar Rolling Paper.
  • Shipping is FREE via FedEx IE
  • Setups is FREE
  • Payment is via PayPal
  • RUSH orders come with booklets printed on the outer only. 
  • For a comprehensive pricing catalog, please email
  • Rush is a 2.5 week turnaround time from the date you sign off on your design sheet
  • If you don’t have a designer, please CLICK HERE for a free mockup. That’s right is 100% free with no purchase required.
  • Printing is CMYK edge to edge
  • Please checkout our YouTube channel for product demos
  • For larger quantities and volume discounts please email
  • For wire transfer payments, please contact

Please read the below carefully:


Below are the templates for Super King 109mm x 54mm | 4.29” x 2.12” 10 leaves a booklet in PDF which can be opened in Adobe Illustrator. We need the artwork submitted in AI with all fonts converted into curves. You can submit the artwork using the file upload button on the product page or after placing the order to email it to


If you are confused, please get in touch with us on


Click to download template

What is the base paper made from?

Unbleached 100% Pure Hemp Pulp (13 GSM) - LIKE RAW ORGANIC


What is the glue made from?

100% natural Arabic gum.


What is the ink made from?

100% organic soy ink. It is gluten free!


What comes printed?

Booklet only.


How many papers per booklet?

10 papers/leaves


What size is the paper?

Super King 109mm x 54mm | 4.29” x 2.12”


I want my own design on paper...

Sure contact us on


What are turnaround times?

2.5 weeks from the date you sign off on your design sheet or make payment, whichever is latest.


Are there any shipping charges?

Nope! Shipping is free worldwide!


Are there any setups?

Nope! None at all!


Are there any hidden charges?

The pricing you see is all inclusive of designing, manufacturing and shipping to your door step!


Can I get a mockup?

Sure thing! CLICK HERE & fill out our FREE MOCK UP form. There is no purchase required, this is a 100% FREE service.


Do you have special printing effects such as UV, embossing, holographic etc?

Sure we do! Get in touch with us on

10 sheets a booklet and 150 booklets per brown kraft display box