Custom printed rolling papers
Custom printed rolling papers
Custom printed rolling papers

Custom Printed/Printing & Flavored Rolling Paper (Free Shipping)




As of 2018 we can now custom print your design on booklet, display box and now paper customization too, yes, on the paper.  Its taken our engineers a long time and we have finally reached the goal; your design, printed edge to edge on the paper up to 4CP + white + metallic colors and adding your own flavor profile.


Using the finest organic soy ink, 100% Arabic gum as the bonding agent, flavor matching technology and our proprietary unbleached pure hemp pulp as the base, we at have reached the highest level customization out there.


Any print, any flavor, any size, any number of leaves and any packaging format #DreamItAndWeCanMakeIt


Contact us on to disucss your customization requirement.


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Printing on paper has always been the quest. It took us 3 years and a lot of R&D to finally be able to commercially take on orders. Please check out our FAQ section. To customize your print and flavor on paper, contact

Please read the below carefully:


Below is the templates for watermarking and printing on paper. We need the artwork submitted in AI with all fonts converted into curves. You can submit the artwork using the file upload button on the product page or after placing the order to email it to 


If you are confused, please get in touch with us on 




Watermarking & printing on paper template

Print? What can you print?
Any design separated into CMYK + Metallics + White + Flavor (see below). Printing on paper is separated into two different types of print; A) Repeat pattern design & B) Border cut design. A repeat pattern is scattered throughout the paper without a beginning or an end and a border cut is your design printed edge to edge. Checkout our artwork guideline section to understand better.


Can you add flavor?
Yes we can. Like printing, the flavor is the last screen added to the printing process. We can match any flavor profile you need; i.e fruits, mint etc.


Can you handle a totally custom project?
Sure we can. Any print, any flavor, any number of leaves, any paper size, any booklet size, any display box size, any gum width and any master carton size. #DreamItAndWeCanMakeIt


What are the minimums?
The standard MOQ is 10,000 booklets; packed 10 leaves per booklet and 24 booklets per box. Having said that, you can custom choose you own stucture.


Where do I get templates?
Check out the artwork guideline.


What is the turnaround time?
4.5 weeks from the date you sign off on your artwork.


Do you offer a free mock up for print on paper?
Unfortunately we do not. To have us custom design the paper and booklet, please contact us on


What ink do you use?
Certified 100% certified soy ink.


What is your paper base?
Our most popular paper is Unbleached 100% Pure Hemp Pulp (13 GSM) - LIKE RAW ORGANIC, but we can do any of the following below:
1. Unbleached 50% Hemp & 50% Flax Pulp (13GSM)
2. Unbleached Unrefined Wood Pulp (12.5 GSM) - LIKE RAW
3. Bleached Rice Paper (13.5 GSM) - LIKE ELEMENTS


What gum do you use?
Certified 100% natural Arabic gum.


I have an idea…?
Contact us on 


Any paper, any print, any size, any gum line width, any flavor, any number of leaves, any booklet construction and any number of booklets per display. #DreamItAndWeCanMakeIt

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