10 Packaging Tips to Help Build your Cannabis Brand

Cannabis packaging is integral to building a brand and needs to make a statement as competition is fierce. Brands that do not stand out on the shelves in the dispensary are unlikely to succeed.

This is why custom cannabis packaging has to be distinctive enough to break through all the noise generated by competing products. It also has to comply with all the regulations and find a balance between compliance and telling the brand story. 

1. Carefully select shape, color and text

Shape, color and text are the basis of good cannabis packaging design. The shape needs to deliver on the promise of the product. Some bottles containing creams or lotions now mimic the shapes of some top cosmetic house beauty products. 

Color helps to express the personality of the brand. Warm, earth-toned colors or greens can reflect its eco-friendly nature. Of course, using vibrant colors that can appeal to children is illegal. 

The text gives the brand a voice. Brand messages are breaking free from old stoner stereotypes and negative connotations. Companies are emphasizing the health and recreational benefits of their products. 

2. Embrace technology and social media

Photo-based social media platforms, like Instagram, means that custom cannabis packaging can have a wide impact. Brands are taking a balanced approach that focuses more on lifestyle and health aspects of the brand. 

Just pointing a smartphone at a package today can open various online channels offering recipes, how-to videos and much more. When applying this to custom cannabis packaging, consumers are able to trace plant origins, state regulations, safety precautions, dosages and recipes. By putting information into their hands, it is possible to increase ROI with shorter sales cycles. 

3. Use sustainable packaging solutions

Custom rolling paper booklets

Using sustainable packaging is important when selling to younger consumers who want brands to be environmentally aware and socially conscious. For example, some brands are printing custom rolling paper using pure, certified organic materials. 

4. Convey the right message for your audience

Gender, marital status, age, location and income all play a part in designing packaging to appeal to a specific audience. Brands need to watch what marketing channels they use and the message they convey. 

Millennials want authenticity and custom cannabis packaging can reflect this. For example, rather than buying mass-produced items, they would rather spend more on custom rolling paper and custom grinders. They want designs that are minimalistic and yet functional. 

Baby boomers do not like any reminders of their age. Gen X has a cynical bent and irony works well with them. Cannabis use is also very familiar to them and is as normal as social media use is to millennials. 

6. Customize cannabis packaging

Custom herb grinders

There are so many different products that contain cannabis, from inhalants to edibles, pharmaceuticals and creams and oils for pain relief. Rarely before has a product had so many uses and come in so many packaging formats, including glass jars, rigid tubes, flexible pouches, smell-proof Mylar bags, decorative tins and more. The packaging demands are virtually unprecedented and the demand for custom cannabis packaging is huge. 

When filling a cone, making sure your herb is well-ground is important. Custom herb grinders may come with special etched designs on top, while others can be personalized with special pictures or initials. They are affordable, compact and often constructed out of durable materials like zinc or aluminum. 

One popular custom herb grinder comes in black aluminum and features a lid with a custom-designed rose etching. Custom herb grinders often come with pollen scrapers and pouches to transport them around in. 

Other custom cannabis packaging solutions include luxury, custom-made paper packaging, custom rolling paper, custom cannabis stickers and custom weed bags. Cannabis pre-roll packaging solutions also offer flexibility in various customizable designs. 

7. Use innovative ways to make packaging child-proof

Child proof custom mylar bags

Regulations in most states require packaging to be opaque, resealable, clearly labeled and not contain any design elements attractive to children. It can be a challenge to make customized cannabis packaging that is child-proof and yet that is still accessible to seniors who use medical cannabis to treat various health conditions. 

Smell proof Mylar bags are perfect for keeping edibles fresh and as they are opaque, kids will not try to get into them because they think they contain candies or chocolate. 

Many pouches have zippers that are certified child-resistant. Other child-resistant packaging solutions include metal tins and plastic containers with squeeze-turn caps for capsules and push-turn dropper caps for CBD oils.

8. Focus on functionality

Packaging must not only have aesthetic appeal but needs to keep products fresh and potent. Smell proof Mylar bags offer an easy packaging solution not only for edibles but concentrates or buds too. 

As they are opaque and smell proof, they can be used as exit bags. The material protects the contents from oxygen, light and moisture and is durable and strong. Smell proof Mylar bags are not only very functional but they are also an affordable option. Portability and discretion are two factors to bear in mind when considering functionality. 

9. Add interactive elements

Various elements can add interactivity, such as reveal flaps, tear-aways and doors. Providing an interactive opening experience helps to increase customer engagement and can create a lasting impression. 

10. Measure metrics

It is important to measure metrics to see if branding is successful. One easy way to do this is to see whether sales have increased. If they are not increasing, it may be necessary to innovate more and think of new ways to offer consumers the best packaging experience. 

A final word

Many factors go into creating successful cannabis packaging, including functionality, sustainability, compliance with regulations and aesthetics. All the new products and frequently changing regulations mean that cannabis packaging is crying out for innovation. Custom cannabis packaging solutions, such as child-proof pop-up tops for pre-rolls, can help a brand to make a name and gain a competitive advantage.

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