Choosing the Best Packaging

You’re ready to get your product on the shelf but now need to decide how you’re going to package it. With so many options ranging from mylar bags to glass jars, plastic jars, tin boxes how do you safely secure your herb with the right packaging?


The flavor of the herbs depends on its packaging to maintain its freshness. Hence choosing the right packaging is fundamental. The perfect packaging will offer a child-resistant closure, able to securely fit its contents inside as this is essential for preservation and can be fully branded to successfully show off your brand and communicate the quality of your product.


For all the reasons mentioned above we believe our custom mylar smell proof bag is the best packaging solution.


Below is a comparison of the mylar bags with three other packaging options available. You can see why mylar bags are clearly the winner.



Smell Proof Mylar Bags



If you’d like to discuss your packaging details further, click here to speak with us now.


What Type Of Rolling Tray Is The Best For You?

Rolling trays are the perfect accessory to simplify the rolling process. Rolling trays are designed with a flat rectangular shape and raised edges making them the perfect accessory to ensure any loose herbs stays on the tray. Our custom rolling trays come in 3 different sizes (for the tin and melamine option) and are can be fully customized with you design and logo.Read more

Sexy Roach Book - Stoner Doodlez Edition

Roll Your Own papers.Com in collaboration with Stoner Doodlez create the most sexiest and hottest filter tips at present: Sexy Roach Book - Stoner Doodlez Edition.


Last January, 2020, Roll Your Own Papers.Com reached out to hundreds of influencers in Instagram and sent out free custom booklet rolling papers with custom design. The response from our IG influencers was overwhelming… and so we thought, why stop here? So we decided, let’s come up with something never seen before - something sexy and exceptional!


A lot of influencers are so down to the challenge but there’s one who stands out, Stoner Doodlez/Evskivicious. Buckle up, mates! You're in for a ride!



This Sexy Roach Book - Stoner Doodlez Edition is composed of 25 A4 size pages with different mind burning photos of Evskivicious. Each page contains 60 filter tips with edge to edge printing and tear off perforations compiled in one compact book.


Hit us up! Let's collab! 🔥👌🏻♥️