10 Ways to Create Canna Packaging That Sells

Canna packaging represents an opportunity to attract customers. It is the moment of first contact between a brand and a potential customer and so it needs to be eye-catching.

Product packaging must communicate brand identity, a sense of quality and product purpose. To make it both compliant with regulations and eye-catching can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help create canna packaging that sells.


1. Research your competitors’ canna packaging

It is important to keep an eye on what competitors are doing in the market, not in order to copy them but to gain inspiration. Gather samples and evaluate them. Figure out what parts of the whole experience are important, from the visual appeal of the herb packaging to the experience of opening the package.

Make prototypes and begin testing them. Getting feedback from focus groups may be invaluable in making decisions.


2. Consider your audience

Do you want to sell to men or women? Do you want to sell mainly to young people? Do you want to sell to wealthy people or those who are more budget-conscious? Age, gender, marital status, lifestyle, income and location are demographics that matter when designing canna packaging.

A middle-aged businesswoman, for example, would probably go for a discreet, elegant design whereas a millennial would probably appreciate a minimalistic and yet very functional design.


3. Be experiential with your herb packaging

Canna is an experiential product and that experience should extend to packaging as well. When thinking about designing herb packaging, it is about more than just covering up the product. Think about what experience the customer will have when opening it.

For example, packaging that feels textural and rough will give a product a rustic, handmade feeling that is perfect for an artisanal canna brand. When selling canna concentrate, think about designing a graphic that could help to determine the dosage to go with the packaging.

Even the shape of the packaging has an effect on how people perceive a product. Select shapes that are visually pleasing and different but also in line with company branding. Imaginative weed stickers made from high-quality materials add to the experience.


4. Keep children safe with child-resistant canna packaging

Some design choices will inadvertently appeal to children, such as using words like ‘cookies’ or ‘chocolate’, bright graphics or cartoons. Using minimal, sophisticated designs for child-resistant canna packaging can help to create a balance between compliance and aesthetic appeal.

Child-resistant canna packaging needs to be opaque, resealable and clearly labeled. It has to be certified as child-resistant and undergoes testing to make sure it prevents child access. Some of the measures used to prevent access include metal tins, push-and-twist caps, and squeeze-and-pull designs.


5. Use herb packaging that keeps product fresh and potent

For canna flower in particular, it is vital to avoid oxygen exposure to prevent degradation of shelf life and potency. Mylar bags are a popular herb packaging option.

They offer an easy solution that is relatively inexpensive and can be used to pack buds, edibles and concentrates. As they are discreet and smell proof, they can be used as exit bags. Light and flexible yet durable and strong, the material protects goods from oxygen, moisture and light penetration.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging can keep the product fresher for longer. This technology pumps nitrogen gas inside a package before it is sealed. It displaces the oxygen and delays oxidation and degradation.


6. Appeal to green consumers with sustainable materials and practices

Sustainable business practices are fueling spending habits. The canna industry is growing swiftly and is creating plenty of plastic packaging waste.

Various companies are attempting to help solve the plastic waste problem by using sustainable materials such as hemp plastic and reclaimed ocean plastic. They are also investing in sustainable practices like peel-back labels to reduce waste.


7. Incorporate augmented reality into canna packaging solutions

Packaging needs enough surface area to make sure compliance canna stickers do not prevent packaging branding from being lost. One of the biggest issues is how to effectively display information while also making sure to present the brand story.

One way to solve the problem is to incorporate augmented reality into canna packaging solutions. Augmented packaging means consumers can interact with product on phones or even from the comfort of home.

Putting the power of information into the hands of consumers is able to shorten sales cycles and increase return on investment.


8. Take inspiration from other industries

Coffee and tea packaging solutions are having an influence on canna packaging solutions. Producers may shy away from these opaque solutions because consumers are accustomed to seeing products.

However, such solutions can protect cannabinoids in canna flowers from exposure to light and oxygen as well as maintain humidity levels.


9. Focus on luxury

The chocolate, wine and cosmetic industries are known for their luxury packaging solutions. Fine boxes, for example, are perfect to house something like a strain sampler set. Glass jars are relatively inexpensive, work well and are more elegant than plastic. A styled glass jar adds to the elegance.

CBD packaging often takes inspiration from the food and beauty industries. When selling a luxury CBD product, CBD packaging with a silky gloss may be effective.


10. Measure results

It is important to have a system in place to track results. Before designing canna packaging, consider what kinds of metrics to use. One simple way to measure results is to track revenue.

Compare previous income to current income and see if there has been an increase in sales. If so, you know your branding efforts are successful. If not, you know that you may have to work on innovating more and providing a great experience for consumers when it comes to packaging.


A final word

Canna packaging design can be difficult as there are so many factors to take into account, including aesthetics, functionality and compliance. However, it is possible to make products stand out from the crowd with eye-catching, innovative packaging designs.  Get in contact with someone from our team to help you customize the right packaging for your brand. 


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