Branding and Dope

When it comes to boosting your herb brand’s image, revenue, and relevance - there’s no better option than branding. Branding is a tool that separates your company from all others, which is essential in the highly competitive cannabis industry. Read along to learn how important it is to incorporate a strong brand with the help of customized products.


Is Branding Necessary?

Without a doubt, branding is necessary for all industries to gain a competitive edge. This is especially important for any company that’s trying to thrive in the herb sector. Although the dope industry is seeing significant growth, many businesses are beginning to struggle because of a heightened level of competition.


How To Create A Strong Brand For The Herb Industry

The herb industry is a special case in the business sector because it’s far more regulated than any other. Considering this, you’ll need to ensure that your brand is compliant with regulators. In most cases, brands within the herb industry cannot display certain icons, such as children’s cartoons or anything that can advertise to kids.


With that in mind, herb brands excel in popularity when they are professionally created, instead of looking like they are from the black market.


In other words, herb brands must be or have:


  • Professionally designed
  • Free of cartoon characters or anything that’s appealing to kids
  • A strong presence
  • Relevance
  • A message


When we say that herb brands need a strong presence, we mean to say that herb brands need to speak to the consumer. Branding that conveys a message to the herb community is incredibly important because it allows consumers to connect with the brand in question.


Furthermore, cannabis brands that incorporate a brand that’s relevant, such as RAW, consumers will be drawn to it. In the case of RAW, the name and brand were very relevant because they conveyed the message that their products were unfiltered, unbleached, and raw. This appealed to herb consumers because of the growing trend of going green and using raw materials instead of processed products.



How To Enhance Your Herb Brand

Now that you understand how branding affects the herb industry let’s take a look at how you can enhance your herb brand.


Aside from creating your logo/brand, it’s imperative to place your branding on everything that you sell. This type of marketing allow your business to stay relevant in the eye of the consumer. This is effectively done by utilizing a manufacturer of custom smoking accessories. Roll Your Own Paper is a company that specializes in the customization of rolling papers, cones, tips, grinders, and more.


As you’ll come to realize, customizing your products with your brand is an absolute must, and will have positive impacts for your herb brand.




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