Custom Pre-Rolled Cones vs. Traditional Rolling Papers: Which Is Right for You?

Custom Pre-Rolled Cones vs. Traditional Rolling Papers: Which Is Right for You?

Custom pre-rolled cones vs traditional rolling papers. Both are great vehicles to smoke your herb, so how does one decide which one to opt for? Both of these options have their loyal followers, each swearing by their chosen method for its unique benefits. Whether you're new to smoking or just thinking to switch it up, understanding the differences between both these options can help you make an informed choice.

Overview of Custom Pre-Rolled Cones

custom pre rolled cones

What are pre-rolled cones?

Custom pre-rolled cones are ready-made smoking cones that come in various sizes and materials, such as hemp, rice and unbleached. They are typically filled from the larger open end, twisted at the smaller end, and are ready to be lit.

How can you customize pre-rolled cones?

  • Branding: Many businesses opt to have their logos and branding printed on the crutch of the custom pre-rolled cones for promotional purposes.
  • Size: You can choose the size of your custom pre rolled cone. We have four sizes we offer, which are the dog walker, quarter size, 98 special adn the king size.
  • Material: You can choose from different types of paper, including rice paper, hemp, and unbleached.


  • Convenience and Ease of Use: Pre-rolled cones eliminate the need to roll your own, making the process quick and simple.
  • Uniformity in Rolling and Smoking Experience: Each cone is perfectly rolled, ensuring a consistent smoking experience every time.
  • Custom Branding Opportunities for Businesses: Custom cones are great for branding, making them a popular choice for businesses looking to promote their products.


  • Potentially Higher Cost: Custom pre-rolled cones tend to be more expensive than traditional rolling papers.
  • Limited Flexibility in Customization Compared to DIY Rolling: While there are customization options, they are not as flexible as rolling your own.

Overview of Traditional Rolling Papers

custom rolling papers

What are rolling papers?

Traditional rolling papers are thin sheets used to roll cigarettes or joints. They come in a variety of sizes, materials, and even flavours.

Variety in Sizes, Materials, and Flavours

  • Sizes: From the classic 1 1/4 to king-size, there’s a wide range of sizes available.
  • Materials: Rolling papers are made from different materials such as rice paper, hemp, flax and unbleached.
  • Flavours: Some rolling papers are flavoured to enhance the smoking experience.
  • Colours: You can customize the colour and print of your rolling papers, allowing you to take the level of customization to another level.


  • Cost-Effectiveness: Traditional rolling papers are generally cheaper than pre-rolled cones.
  • Flexibility and Control in the Rolling Process: Rolling your own gives you control over the size and tightness of the roll.
  • Wide Availability and Variety: There’s a vast array of sizes, paper types, colours, prints, flavours that you can choose from to truly customize the papers to reflect your brand perfectly.


  • Requires Skill and Practice to Roll Properly: Rolling a good joint or cigarette takes practice and skill, especially if you are deciding to use the super thin papers such as flax papers.
  • Time-Consuming Compared to Pre-Rolled Cones: Rolling your own can be time-consuming, especially for beginners, as it is an art to roll a joint that smokes well.

Key Comparisons


  • Ease of Use: Pre-rolled cones are easier to use since they require no rolling skill, whereas traditional rolling papers takes some practise and skill.
  • Time-Saving Aspects: Pre-rolled cones save time as they are ready to fill, while traditional papers require the extra step of rolling.


  • Price Comparison: Traditional rolling papers are typically less expensive than custom pre-rolled cones.
  • Long-Term Cost Implications: Over time, the cost of pre-rolled cones can add up, whereas buying rolling papers in bulk is more economical.


  • Branding and Personalization Options: Custom cones offer some branding opportunities for businesses, while traditional papers allows for a lot more customizations to from paper print, colour, type, size, and flavour.
  • Flexibility in Choosing Materials and Sizes: Traditional papers provide more flexibility in terms of size and material selection.

Smoking Experience

  • Consistency and Quality of Smoke: Pre-rolled cones offer a consistent smoking experience, while traditional papers can vary based on rolling skill.
  • User Preference and Satisfaction: Some users prefer the ritual of rolling their own, while others appreciate the convenience of pre-rolled cones.

Use Cases

For Businesses

For Individuals

  • Pre-Rolled Cones: Perfect for beginners or those who value convenience or people who don't want to spend a lot of time rolling and would rather quickly enjoy their smoke.
  • Traditional Rolling Papers: Best for experienced users who enjoy the rolling process and customization.

Making the Decision

Factors to Consider

  • Personal Preferences and Lifestyle: Consider whether you enjoy the process of rolling or prefer the convenience of pre-rolled cones.
  • Budget Constraints: Determine your budget and whether the cost of pre-rolled cones is justifiable.
  • Intended Use (Personal vs. Business): Decide if you’re using them for personal enjoyment or for business promotions.


  • Pre-Rolled Cones: Ideal for those who want a quick, convenient option with consistent results.
  • Traditional Rolling Papers: Better for those who enjoy the process and want more control over their smoking expereince.
custom rolling papers and pre rolls


In the debate between custom pre-rolled cones and traditional rolling papers, both have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference, budget, and intended use. Whether you’re a beginner looking for convenience or an experienced roller seeking control, there’s an option that’s right for you.

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