With SOO many promotional product options out there, you may be wondering what product to choose to stand out and get people talking about YOUR brand.  Because we all know word of mouth is the best kinds of publicity.

The usual promotional products like pens, mugs, diaries, keychain have just been over used.  Can you remember the last time you got one of those? What did you do with it?  I know what I do: shove it in the back of drawer where it won’t be seen.  Now that is the complete opposite of its purpose.

So if you aren’t giving out those what should you hand out to get people talking.  At we have got just the product (actually we have LOTS of products but today I am chatting about one in particular) and that is: 

🔥🔥Custom rolling papers🔥🔥 

These are such a hot item to be handing out as promotional product.  Let me tell you why..

  • They are different - these will be get people talking about your brand.  More talking = more publicity = more sales🤑.  Promotional Product Aim

canna promotional products

  • Customisation Possibilities are endless - now with all the customisations we offer, you can create booklets that make your brand values shine though.  From the size of the rolling paper, to the colours, the font, the artwork, the paper type, the paper size, the paper colour - we work with you to create the ULTIMATE rolling paper booklet to hand out as a custom cannabis promotional product, which will get your brand noticed.

custom design rolling paper

  • It keeps the fire burning - even for smokers who smoke regularly, each booklet lasts a while.  So every time they pull it out of their pocket they will think of your brand.



Now that you have chosen the product you will be distributing you need to start thinking about the details so we can help YOU create a booklet which is ideal for your demographic.  You may think what’s the big deal paper is just paper but it is not.  Here are all the different options you get to choose to create the perfect product to hand out:


💵Type of Paper: 

We offer three types:  

unbleached 100% pure hemp pulp (13gsm)

unbleached unrefined wood pulp (12.5gsm)  

bleached rice paper (13.5gsm)

canna promotional products

📏 Paper Size: One and a Quarter (1 1/4) Size OR King Slim Size, which size is more appealing to your demographic

💚Paper Color: If you can dream it we can make it - whether you want coloured papers, a gold paper, or a design printed on we can do it.  Remember this product is a representation of YOUR brand so if you can dream it we can do it!

custom canna gold rolling paper

🎨Booklet Design: When you hand the booklets out the first thing you customer is going to be seeing the booklet design.  We offer full edge to edge printing and 100%CMYK on the booklet.  This is space where you can get creative! 

Custom canna products

At we understand that there are so many factors go into finding the perfect promotional product to represent your brand.  From experience we know rolling papers are one of the hottest giveaways and we want to help you create them. 

To get started on your order today drop us a line at or send us a DM on instagram: rollyourownpapers and we are always happy to chat with you and help you create the dopest product that leaves an impact👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼.



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