Discovering the Perfect Rolling Paper: A Comprehensive Comparison

Discovering the Perfect Rolling Paper: A Comprehensive Comparison

Do you ever walk in to a dispensary and feel completely overwhelmed with the vast amount of rolling papers now available on the market?

Rolling papers are such an integral part of your smoking experience that finding the right papers for yourself is so important to have a truly enjoyable session.

In this blog, we'll be looking at the different types of rolling papers and see how they can affect your smoking experience. Whether you're into the clean burn of rice paper or the sturdy feel of hemp, each type of rolling paper offers something unique that fits different tastes and needs. So once you know the characteristics of each type of paper, you will be able to make a more informed decision the next you need to pick your pack of papers.

When you use a good quality rolling paper, you can improve and elevate your smoking experience. However, no matter how amazing the paper is, it can not substitute a well rolled joint, which can take time to learn how to perfect.

Originally, rolling papers were mostly made from wood pulp, which does come with its fair share of pros and cons. However, over the last 2 decades more health conscious papers have been introduced in to the market, such as hemp, rice, flax and transparent cellulose rolling papers. Each one of these papers comes with its pros and cons and has its own unique characteristics that appeal to different segments of the market. For example, the burn rate, flavour profile and paper thickness are different qualities of the papers that affect each person's decision. To help you make your choice, we are looking at some of the most common materials available and what their characteristics are.

Common Characteristics of Rolling Papers

if you've visited a dispensary, you'll know the options of rolling papers on the market are endless today. Each one claiming to offer you something unique and different. And while they might look very similar, they can also vary quite a lot. Some of the main features which may impact your buying decision including the size, type, flavour, colour / design and material.


Rolling papers tend to be available in these 6 most popular sizes:

  • Single Width
  • 1 1/4 rolling papers
  • 1 1/2" rolling Paper
  • Double Wide Rolling Papers
  • King Size Rolling Papers
  • King Slim Rolling papers


    Now you can customize the flavour profile of your session by opting for flavoured rolling papers. Rolling flavours come in a variety of flavours, ranging from:

    • Banana Flavour
    • Strawberry Flavour
    • Chocolate Flavour
    • Mint Flavour
    • Grape Apple Flavour
    • Orange Flavour

      🌈 Colour / Design

      Gone are the days when rolling papers are only white or brown (unbleached) colour. Now you can purchase them in a vast array of colours from pink, blue, green, purple, black. Furthermore, you can even get beautifully printed papers and furthermore now you are even able to opt for gold leaf papers, for that uber luxurious feel.

      Most Common Types of Rolling Paper

      We'll now walk you through the most common materials used when creating rolling papers. Some are more popular than other, and each type of paper has a different thickness and burn rate.

      Wood Pulp Rolling Paper

      Wood pulp paper is probably the most common type of rolling paper. These papers, often mixed with other fibres, have a texture that makes them easy to handle. These papers are thicker and burns faster than other materials. They are widely available and affordable, easy to handle and roll, making them ideal for beginners. However, it's less natural and typically gives a harsher taste compared to others, which make them less preferred by smokers compared to other materials.

      Rice Rolling Paper

      Rice paper is made from processed rice and sometimes mixed with other fibres. It's known for being super thin, slow-burning, and light. One of the best things about rice paper is its clean taste and eco-friendly nature. It's a fantastic choice if you're concerned about sustainability. However, due to their uber thin nature they can be a bit tricky to roll, especially if you're just starting out. Using minimal material for each sheet, these papers may offer a healthier option and allow you to enjoy your cannabis with almost no aftertaste from the papers.

      Hemp Rolling Paper

      Hemp paper comes from the fibres of the hemp plant, which is a sustainable and fast-growing crop. This type of paper is durable and slow-burning, offering a natural and consistent smoking experience. They are thicker and rougher than rice paper making them easy to roll and great for beginners. Smoking with hemp papers can leave a delicate aftertaste that won't spoil the aroma of the herb you rolled with.

      Flax Rolling Paper

      Flax paper is made from the fibres of the flax plant. It has a smooth texture and burns evenly. Flax papers are a perfect alternative for rice papers. Flax paper offers a mild flavour and good burn consistency, but it can be harder to find and a bit pricier than other options. Even though these are one of the less popular options on the market, they have a silky smooth find that feels amazing in your hands, making them easy to roll. Flax papers have a slow burn rate, giving you more time to savour your smoke. They are also flavorless, ensuring that they do not interfere with or alter the natural taste and aroma of your herb.

      Transparent Cellulose Rolling Paper

      Transparent cellulose paper is made from plant cellulose, giving it a clear, unique look. It burns slowly and adds a distinct aesthetic to your smoking experience. While it looks cool and burns cleanly, it can be tough to find and tricky to roll due to its smooth texture.

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      Key Comparisons

      Taste and Flavour

      Rice and flax papers generally have a more natural and mild flavour, while hemp can taste stronger. Wood pulp often gives a harsher taste, and cellulose papers burn cleanly without adding much flavour. If you prefer an unaltered flavour, go for papers with a natural taste.

      Burn Rate and Efficiency

      Rice and hemp papers burn slowly, giving you a longer smoking session. Wood pulp papers burn faster, which is great for a quick smoke. Slow-burning papers let you enjoy your smoke for longer, while fast-burning ones are perfect for quick sessions.

      Rolling Ease

      Wood pulp and hemp papers are easier to roll due to their thickness and texture. Rice and cellulose papers, being thinner, can be more challenging for beginners. If you're new to rolling, you might want to start with something easier to handle.

      Environmental Impact

      Hemp and rice papers are the most eco-friendly due to their sustainable sourcing and biodegradability. Wood pulp papers, while common, have a higher environmental impact. If you're eco-conscious, consider these more sustainable options.

      Use Cases

      Best Custom Rolling Papers for Beginners

      Wood pulp and hemp papers are easier to roll, making them ideal for novices. They provide a good balance of ease and durability, helping you learn the art of rolling without frustration.

      Best Custom Rolling Papers for Flavour

      Rice and flax papers offer the cleanest and most natural taste. These are perfect if you want to enjoy the full flavour of your smoking material.

      Best Custom Rolling Papers for Eco-Conscious Smokers

      Hemp paper and rice paper are the most sustainable options. Choosing these helps reduce environmental impact while still providing a quality smoking experience.

      Wrapping It Up

      Picking the right rolling paper can really change your smoking experience. Whether it's the taste, how long it burns, how easy it is to roll, or its environmental impact, each type has something unique to offer. It's all about personal preference and what you need. Trying out different materials is a great way to find what works for you. Everyone has their perfect match; you just need to find yours.


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