We would firstly huge thanks to all our clients for being patient and supporting us during these hard times ❤️, secondly our hearts go out to the patients, the medical team and the families in Wuhan - it has seriously been a tough ride for them. 


So here is the update:

95% of China is back up and running with supply chains all getting aligned into place like they were before the Spring festival. Our guess is by March 2020 China should be back to normal with COVID 19 increasing at a diminishing rate.


Here are a few FAQ's

Q: Are you guys back up and running?

A: Yes we are are! The only segment of products that we will be facing delays is any rolling paper with the magnets. Why? As the product uses hands to assemble, there are still laws yet to pass on how manual assembly processes can operate. So stay tuned!

Q: How can we help?

A: Sounds cliche, but your prayers can go a long way! Oh, shall you feel the need to donate, we (China) are still short of face masks!

Q: Does the virus get into the products?

A: No it does not! There are a ton of articles out but here is one that we found explains it well!

Q: What about lead times?

A: As we are back from the outbreak and catching up on previous orders, its best you shoot an email to here and let us know the order, so we can tell you exactly when it can be delivered.


Like always if you need any clarification please don't hesitate to contact us!

Much love from the ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS FAM 🙌

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