How to start Marketing your own Rolling Paper Brand

You’ve just started your own rolling paper brand and now you’re wondering how people will know about it. Well, the answer just lies within the place you always visit through your smartphone or computer.



Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and many more. People today, from kids to adults, and even the elderly won’t let a day pass by without spending time visiting these online platforms. Most people even use them for hours.


Ever since these websites became popular, almost all businesses, associations, companies, especially the cannabis community and industry around the world up until now have used them for various purposes, most specifically for marketing. You know what’s so great about them? Well you can do marketing and promotions without actually spending any of your hard earned money. It’s absolutely free! And if you still haven’t created your own account or page, it will only take you a few minutes!


Although it’s known to everyone that these websites offer advertising tools or solutions for a certain price, like on Facebook wherein you will see multiple ads on the news feed, when watching videos, and now even in the messenger app. Not everyone relies on this options though, not even huge companies. How much more those who are still starting their own businesses.


Almost all social media websites basically enable you to write, upload pictures and videos, do live streams, podcasts, allowing you to connect and interact with other people which eventually will become your future clients.


Everything you need to build your brand, direct traffic, increase sales are just within your grasp. But since there are so many social media platforms out there, it would best to know which one you should start with. That would be easily YouTube and Instagram especially almost all cannabis users and businesses are found on these social media platforms. These platforms specifically focus on imagery and that is necessary since customers or clients tend to be indecisive unless they get to really see the product carefully.


All you need is creativity, consistency and persistence! Always focus on quality and quantity for you to catch your audience’s attention. You can even start by just using your smart phone and if you have an extra budget, you can start investing on the right equipment like cameras, laptop and audio equipment for producing better content.


One last important thing to remember, you may also have to do some careful research especially there are certain strict guidelines and restrictions regarding cannabis products in almost all of these social media sites. A lot of people, specifically influencers tend to get banned on these websites due to illicit content. But there’s no need to worry as long as you abide by the guidelines, your brand will surely grow and succeed, same with a lot of people or businesses today!

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  • Irvin Bradley

    I would like to come out with my own brand rolling papers

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