Micro Influencers: Are they Worth it?


Reaching out to micro influencer has been embraced as one of the most effective networks in promoting your product or brands and it helps you push high quality movement and consumers.


What is Micro Influencer anyway?

Micro influencers are individuals who have at least 1000 followers or audience and are considered experts in their own niche. These influencers can reach hundreds or even thousands of people and can promote your brand extensively.


Micro influencers are considered more engaging than any other influencers. They focus on specific area, naming just a few – they could be Smokers, Stoners, and Weed blogger. Micro influencers have more consistent followers or audience than any other influencers because of their stronger relationship with their retainers. They are well-known on their particular area of interest and have a very high engagement rate on their audiences. These niche experts have a deeper connection with their followers because they interact and respond to comments or direct messages – which to a lot of people, is an arrow to the heart.


Why should I consider them?

Micro Influencers are simply more authentic and have a good knowledge on their niche – known to be less commercial. They are more believable, will give more honest experience-based opinion than those who will give you rave reviews or comments because they were paid. Brands can gain more followers or customers by pursuing them. In fact, this is the new gold of marketing these days. Micro Influencers can give your product or brand more exposure. They’re very creative in promoting and they can market your brand in a lot of ways - giveaways, raffles, sometimes even shout outs are enough. They have fewer followers than big actors and actresses, but they appear more believable due to the fact that they are not often paid to endorse a product.


Why are they so Effective Today?

Honestly speaking, Micro Influencers are more closely connected and trustworthy than those who are already famous. They are also better at explaining how the product works or how it can be used. With their humble beginning and interactions, they are better to talk to their audience or follower on a personal level just like they have known each other for a long time.


Celebrities often don’t give reviews, they only promote. They don’t give you the hands-on experience review and I’m sure, people often wonder if celebrities actually use the products, they’re promoting though I personally doubt it. Celebrities will help you target a bigger audience that have different interests while micro influencers can give you a smaller audience but with very specific interest.



If you jump on a famous influencer or a higher rank influencer, you would definitely spend money on it and that wouldn’t be a good move for a small or starting company. Micro influencers are often willing to review and give your product a try without expecting monetary gain, just send them a sample of your product, and they’ll do you the magic of their influence.


Final thoughts 

For start-up companies, micro influencers are your go-to guy when it comes to marketing. They can reach a number of audiences you can’t imagine, and it will always be a win-win situation for both parties. You get to market your product; they get to entertain and keep their followers.

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