Mid Autumn Festival Holidays 2020 - Yay! 💚

Hey RYOP FAM this is to let y'all know that our offices and manufacturing will be closed for the annual autumn festival holidays here in China.


Below are a few FAQ's y'all may have!

Q: What is the national autumn festival?

A: Wiki here by clicking here!


Q: What days are you closed?

A: We are closed from 10/01/2020 to 10/08/2020 - we will be back to work on 10/09/2020! Our customer service team will still continue to operate remotely.


Q: What does that mean for new orders?

A: Both production and sample packs will only start to ship on the 10/09/2020.


If you have any further questions, contact us by clicking here


Much love from RYOP FAM 💚

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