My Favorite LA Dispensaries and Why

Los Angeles is the heart of West Coast Herbs. There’s a reason why LA is renowned for its vibrant herb scene, and it’s not because every rapper mentions the quality of medical herb here. Local herb cultivators have long perfected the art of growing dope - and it’s apparent when visiting a handful of dispensaries in LA. Read along to find out which LA dispensaries are my favorite - and why.



TLC Collective

Although I’ve chosen not to number this list, TLC Collective is placed at the top for a reason. TLC (Toluca Lake Collective) is renowned for its absolute dedication to top-shelf dope flowers and concentrates. When you want to play with fire, this is the dispensary for you.


All of the flowers and concentrates are produced by the infamous Jungle Boys, a group of boutique cultivators that have mastered the craft of pot cultivation. If you’re from out of state, it’s likely that you’ve never seen weed like this before. Caked in trichomes, oozing with terpenes, and bursting with potency - this is what you’ll find with each offering on the menu.


Aside from the sheer quality, the budtenders are easy to deal with. Many LA dispensaries employ budtenders that want to get you in and out, but the girls at TLC are willing to take their time in helping you find the right product.



Basically, MedMen is the Starbucks of the herb world. Although that might sound ideal for most, they do offer high-quality grass strains in a professional manner. When it comes to LA dispensaries, most feel incredibly sketchy. Many first-time cannabis buyers can attest to the shock that comes with walking into one of the many seedy dispensaries that line  LA streets.


However, MedMen is a completely different experience. Dope connoisseurs and herb newbies alike can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that MedMen offers. The interior is comfortable and the vibe is relaxed, which makes shopping for a new cannabis product a breeze.


When you’re in LA, look no further than MedMen for a top-shelf experience without the sticker shock.


The Pottery

If you’re looking for an LA dispensary with a Bohemian-vibe, then look no further than The Pottery. This LA dispensary doubles as a storefront dope shop and a delivery service, so you can decide if you’d like to stay in or get out and mingle with the crowd.


The Pottery offers a wide variety of herb products, such as flowers, edibles, concentrates, and smoking accessories. No matter what you’re looking for, it’s likely that The Pottery has it. Lastly, The Pottery is one of the few LA dispensaries that claim to use zero pesticides in their flower. This is an absolute must for those that want to keep their lungs free of any harmful chemical while enjoying their favorite flower.

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