Sexy Roach Book - Stoner Doodlez Edition


Sexy Roach Book - Stoner Doodlez Edition

Roll Your Own papers.Com in collaboration with Stoner Doodlez create the most sexiest and hottest filter tips at present: Sexy Roach Book - Stoner Doodlez Edition.


Last January, 2020, Roll Your Own Papers.Com reached out to hundreds of influencers in Instagram and sent out free custom booklet rolling papers with custom design. The response from our IG influencers was overwhelming… and so we thought, why stop here? So we decided, let’s come up with something never seen before - something sexy and exceptional!


A lot of influencers are so down to the challenge but there’s one who stands out, Stoner Doodlez/Evskivicious. Buckle up, mates! You're in for a ride!



This Sexy Roach Book - Stoner Doodlez Edition is composed of 25 A4 size pages with different mind burning photos of Evskivicious. Each page contains 60 filter tips with edge to edge printing and tear off perforations compiled in one compact book.


Hit us up! Let's collab! 🔥👌🏻♥️

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