Thailand Legalizes Cannabis - TOP 5 ways to have your merchandise stand out from the rest

On Thursday 9th of June 2022, Thailand became the first country in Asia to make cannabis legal. Now it is legal to cultivate and posses marijuana.

However unlike Canada, Thailand has taken a more conservative approach to the legalisation of marijuana and have placed a strong emphasis on its medicinal benefits as well as its ability to be used as an alternative treatment for patients. 

Custom Cannabis Packaging

This is great news for those in Thailand as there is so much potential to be tapped in to this industry with the legalisation of marijuana.  Now as you are getting ready to bring your product in to the market your packaging for these items should be at the forefront of your mind. The Custom Cannabis Packaging  you choose with highlight your brand and reflect your companies identity, values and vision as they are displayed on the retail shelves.

Packaging is an extension of your product and can be used to educate and inform your clientele on the products you are bringing to the markets, the ingredients and all elevate your brand identity but creating one-of-a-kind packaging.

Here at ROLLYOUROWNPAPERS.COM we are specialist in cannabis promotional products and custom packaging for the cannabis industry.  We have a highly knowledgable team who have been in the industry for over a decade.  Let’s working together to design your brand a custom marijuana packaging strategy that is deserving of you premium products.

Our packaging products are designed to  preserve and protect your products along with complying with regulations such as being child-resistant and retail approved.

When customers see the different products on the display shelf the first thing they will judging it is the packaging and so this plays a significant role in their purchasing decisions.  Knowing this we need to start questioning “how do you design cannabis packaging that makes consumers want to gravitate towards your brand”? 

Here are 5 ways to make your custom cannabis packaging stand out:


When you are developing eye catching custom cannabis packaging you also want to take in to account all the human senses. Research shows that shape, colour and texture all play a big role when consumers are deciding what item to purchase.  Colour plays a huge role in purchasing decisions.  Nearly 62-90% of purchasing decisions are based on the colour.  If the product your are selling is intended to energise your client your would essentially want to stay away from black and other dark colours and instead opt for brighter colours such as orange or yellow.

Along with colour, texture and shape also play a huge role in purchasing decision.  If the shape of container is difficult to use customers are less likely to gravitate towards it. Try to always ensure the packaging you are choose is easy to open, feels good in the hand and visually appealing.

Cannabis Packaging Thailand


When you sit down with your team to design your cannabis packaging it is essential to really know your target audience inside out.  What is their age? Gender? Income level? Interests?  The better you know your target audience, the clearer you will be on how to design the product packaging that grab their attention.


Before your pick out and design the cannabis packaging your want to use for your brand, you need to understand the cannabis packaging laws in Thailand.  As every country have their own specific laws which are slightly different a small mistake could end up costing your thousands or even your licesne.  At RYOP we use certified products and ensure they are child-resistant.  Two of the important criteria everywhere.


Being in the era where information is so widely available customers expect to know what they are consuming.  Even though it may not be a requirement to publish to certification on your packaging, doing so can only help and elevate your brand and build trust with your consumers.

If you prefer not too but it on the packaging a creative solution is to share a testing results online and put a QR code on the box which leads  to the results.  This way whoever is interested to it has access to it.


A lot of people may not be familiar with the scientific terms of Cannabis such as THC, sativa, indica, CBD - especially in a market like Thailand where legalisation has just come in to place.  These words may sound like gibberish to the regular person.  Instead of focusing on making these words stand out on your packaging think to focus on the effects, benefits and experiences they can look forward to when using your products.


If you are looking for specialist to help you with all your custom cannabis packaging needs we at ROLLYOUROWNPAPERS.COM can help.  Send us a message at and an expert member from our team will get back to you.

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