The Best Trade Shows For Medical Herbs Dispensaries


The number of medical herb trade shows is continually growing as the number of legal states increases. If you’re ready to experience what the green herbs industry has to offer, then waste no time in finding the best medical herbs trade show near you.


Cannabis Cup 2020

The herb industry wouldn’t be what it is today without the High Times’ Cannabis  Cup. This ubiquitous event is held in multiple cities throughout the USA and abroad. Featuring cutting edge medical herb-related products, the Cannabis Cup is a premier herb trade show that shouldn’t be missed.


Whether you wish to exhibit your own business or attend the event as a spectator, this trade show that is the typical highlight of the medical herbs industry.


Cannabiz Expo 2020

The Cannabiz Expo is another top-shelf trade show that allows attendees to interact with the makers and shakers in the herb industry. This trade show offers invaluable insights into the herb industry with the help of exhibitors, speakers, and live demonstrations.


This trade show was created by medical herbs businesses for medical herbs businesses - meaning it’s the perfect event to grow your network. In the marijuana industry, many businesses excel as their network grows - whether it’s by partnering with cultivation centers, think-tanks, lawyers, financial institutions, and much more.


This event is held in Sacramento, CA, and will take place in March 2020. Currently, pre-registration is open but will not last long.


Cannabis Conference 2020

The Cannabis Conference is an important event for green herbs cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. This three-day event takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is sure to provide an excellent network of connections for those in attendance.


The Cannabis Conference is not only for THC-rich herbs but also for hemp as well. This event caters to those seeking education with hemp cultivation and licensing. If your business is seeking professional guidance with hemp or THC-rich herbs cultivation, then the Cannabis Conference is one of the best trade shows for herbs and dispensaries.


The importance of the Cannabis Conference stems from its ability to help medical herb-based businesses interact with each other - all with the goal of increasing growth. By learning about cutting-edge business solutions, marijuana-based companies can thrive effectively.


MjBizCon 2020

MjBiz Conference is one of the best trade shows for herbs because it focuses on what’s on the horizon for the herb industry. If your business wants to stay ahead of the curve, this is the trade show for you.


Additionally, the Marijuana Business Conference also holds the Hemp Conference as well, which specifically caters to the herb industry.


Each of these events are high-quality trade shows for medical herbs that are filled with essential insight into upcoming technology, compliance and regulations, and networking potential. Marijuana Business Conference holds multiple events throughout the year in multiple locations throughout the world.


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