The Different Types of Rolling Papers Explained

Types of Rolling Papers

The type of rolling paper used can elevate a smoker's experience especially when it is made of premium natural materials. Nowadays, cannabis enthusiasts have various kinds of papers available to them.  The choice between wood, rice, hemp and other fibers depends on burn rate, taste, rolling skills y.  At Roll Your Own Papers we offer all of these papers in variety of sizes to suit your brand’s needs.  Each of these papers have its own unique characteristics which appeal to different smokers.  Below is a break down to help you decide which is the best rolling paper for your brand.



Rice White Paper (13.5 GSM)

Our rice white papers are made from natural materials and burn with almost no ash.  When burnt they are incredibly clean and don’t alter the taste of your herb making them a favorable choice.  However due to the extremely smooth texture and thinness of these papers they are not for the novice smoker.  They are one of the trickier papers to rolls but once you get the hang of it, it’s an easy way to elevate your smoking experience.


Unbleached 100% Pure Hemp Pulp

Unadulterated Hemp Unbleached Rolling Paper is a 100% natural rolling paper.  These papers are relatively easy to roll as they have an extremely fine texture, giving them a nice grip.  These papers don’t burn too fast yet they don’t go out as often as rice papers. 

Unbleached Unrefined Wood Pulp (12.5GSM)

The king of classics – these papers have been around for over a century.  Wood pulp papers are thicker than rice and hemp papers making them easy for even newbies to start rolling.  Wood pulp papers offer a medium burn rate.  These are perfect papers to for beginners to stick with until they master the skills and get the hang of rolling.    


Unbleached half Hemp and half Flax Pulp (13GSM)

The Blend of Unbleached Pure Hemp and Flaxseed result in incredible papers that offer a smooth and consistent burn.  The Unbleached 50% Hemp & 50% Flax Pulp is made from whole natural Flaxseed, full organic Hemp, and unrefined pulp paper.


There you have it – the most popular papers available today at Roll Your Own Papers.  To discuss your custom requirements further and find out which paper is best for your brand get in touch with us at


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