The Pros and Cons of Glass Pre-Rolled Tips vs. Unbleached Pre-Rolled Tips

The Pros and Cons of Glass Pre-Rolled Tips vs. Unbleached Pre-Rolled Tips

Pre Rolled Tip. Filter tip. Crutch. Roach.

Whatever you choose to call it by we're sure you know using one of them can elevate your smoking experience.

They are usually a small piece of rolled paper or cardboard that is used in hand-rolled cigarettes or joints. However, now they also come in different materials such as glass and wood. Using a custom pre-rolled tip improves the structure, prevents clumping, reduces waste and can also prevent particles from coming in to your mouth when you are smoking. So you can see why they are such an essential item for smokers. However, despite all these benefits, some elitists argue that using one can impact the flavour of their smoke and reduce the potency of the herb.

If you’re trying to decide between glass pre-rolled tips and unbleached pre-rolled tips to see which one will provide you with a better smoking experience, you're in the right place. Both of them have their perks and drawbacks, but in the end they both fulfil the same goal of elevating your smoking experience. And in this blog we will help you figure out which one fits your style best. Plus, we’ll also see how you brand these filter tips and customize them to align with your brand / company's values.

What Are Pre-Rolled Tips?

Pre-rolled tips are those little cylindrical pieces you pop into the end of your pre-rolled cigarette or joint. They act as a filter to stop loose particles from sneaking into your mouth while giving your roll some structure. This makes smoking easier and cleaner. Recently, custom pre-rolled tips have become a hit, offering an elevated smoking session.

Glass Pre-Rolled Tips

What Are Glass Pre-Rolled Tips?

Glass pre-rolled tips are getting popular because they’re not only durable made from top-quality glass, these tips are designed to be reused, giving you a smooth, clean smoking experience every time. Unlike other materials that pre-rolled tips come in, glass tips provide a pure, unaltered experience, letting you savour the complete range of flavours from your herb. Perfect for the purist.

They can be customized with different designs, sizes, and engravings to suit your personal style. Check out these customizable glass tips.

Pros of Glass Pre-Rolled Tips

  1. Durable and Reusable: Built from sturdy glass, these tips can be used over and over.
  2. Smooth Smoking: They offer a cleaner, smoother smoke than paper or cardboard tips.
  3. Easy to Clean: Just clean them with alcohol or special solutions, and they're good as new.

Cons of Glass Pre-Rolled Tips

  1. More Expensive: The quality and manufacturing process make these tips pricier.
  2. Fragile: Despite their durability, they can break if dropped.
  3. Not Eco-Friendly: Making and disposing of glass tips isn't as green as using paper ones.
The Pros and Cons of Glass Pre-Rolled Tips vs. Unbleached Pre-Rolled Tips

Unbleached Pre-Rolled Tips

What Are Unbleached Pre-Rolled Tips?

Unbleached pre-rolled tips are made from natural, untreated paper, making them a great choice for eco-conscious smokers. They way these pre rolled tips are rolled, allow enough time for the hot air to cool down before reaching you, and makes each draw smoother and less harsh.

Explore these unbleached tips.

Pros of Unbleached Pre-Rolled Tips

  1. Eco-Friendly: They’re biodegradable and have a smaller environmental footprint.
  2. Chemical-Free: No harmful chemicals, making them a healthier choice.
  3. Affordable: Generally cheaper than glass tips, making them accessible to more people.

Cons of Unbleached Pre-Rolled Tips

  1. Less Durable: These tips can’t be reused and aren’t as sturdy as glass.
  2. Alter Taste: Some smokers feel that unbleached tips can slightly change the flavour.
  3. Single Use: Unlike glass tips, these are designed for one-time use only.
The Pros and Cons of Glass Pre-Rolled Tips vs. Unbleached Pre-Rolled Tips

Custom Pre-Rolled Tips: A Trend in Smoking Accessories

Custom pre-rolled tips are becoming all the rage. Smokers love adding a personal touch to their accessories with logos, colours, and designs that reflect their style or brand.

Get your custom pre-rolled tips here.

Customizing pre rolled tips not only looks great but also offers practical benefits like branding for businesses or events.

Comparison Table: Glass vs. Unbleached Pre-Rolled Tips

How to Choose the Right Pre-Rolled Tip for You

Picking between glass and unbleached pre-rolled tips really comes down to what you value most in your smoking experience. Here are some things to think about:

  1. Durability: If you want something long-lasting and reusable, go for glass.
  2. Eco-Friendliness: Unbleached tips are better if you’re concerned about the environment.
  3. Cost: On a budget? Unbleached tips are more affordable.
  4. Smoking Experience: Glass tips offer a smoother smoke, while unbleached tips give a more natural taste.
  5. Customization: Both can be customized, but glass tips offer more options.

By weighing these factors, you can find the pre-rolled tip that fits your needs perfectly.

In Conclusion

We know one likes getting particles in their mouth when they are smoking. Depending on the smoking experience you are after, we have a wide array of filter tips on our website that is suitable for you at our website

For simpler mass-produced joint, these unbleached tips mights be the perfect solution (insert Amazon link) to present something clean and effective. But if you’re trying to elevate your smoking experience, we would suggest looking at our glass tips.

Glass tips are always going to affect the taste of your weed the least, but the material is more delicate and might cost more to utilize at scale than paper or hemp.

We are also able to customize your filter tips at — if you want to have them in your brand colour or with your logo, we are able to do it for you. Visit our website to check out the bulk pricing.


What Are the Benefits of Using Pre-Rolled Tips?

Pre-rolled tips improve airflow, stop loose particles from getting in your mouth, and make smoking more enjoyable. They also give your roll structure, making it easier to handle.

Is Glass Pre-Rolled Tips Better Than Unbleached?

It all depends on what you prefer. Glass tips are durable and reusable, offering a smooth smoke, while unbleached tips are eco-friendly and chemical-free.

How Do I Clean Glass Pre-Rolled Tips?

Just soak them in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water. Use a small brush to scrub any residue. Make sure they're completely dry before using again.

Are Unbleached Pre-Rolled Tips Safe to Use?

Absolutely. They’re made from raw, untreated paper without any harmful chemicals, making them a healthier choice.

Can I Customize My Pre-Rolled Tips?

Definitely! Custom pre-rolled tips are super popular now. You can add logos, colours, and designs to make them your own.

By understanding the differences between glass and unbleached pre-rolled tips, you can make an informed choice that enhances your smoking experience. Whether you’re after durability, eco-friendliness, or a personal touch, there’s a pre-rolled tip that’s perfect for you!

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