The TOP 3 Promotional Products That Work Best For Marijuana Dispensaries

You’ve opened up your marijuana dispensary but how do you get your customers to stick with you when there are so many dispensaries opening up daily?

Custom promotional products are a highly effective way to promote your marijuana dispensary and keep the cash rolling in!!  Using the right products to promote your canna brand is key to establishing your business, and keep customers loyal which is necessary in this highly competitive industry.

Using customised cannabis swag is a super effective way to keep your brand fresh in the customers mind. As they interact with the your brand on a tangible level these promotional products create a more memorable brand experience. 

Now that we get why we need to use promotional products, let's run through the top three most effective cannabis promotional products which get the customers coming back for more!

This is by far the hottest selling promotional item in the Cannabis Industry.  It is an incredibly powerful product as it engages the clients five senses and  connects with them on every level. When you hand them a custom rolling paper booklet printed with your weed logo on it you are also etching your brand in the customer’s mind.  They  take the custom booklet home and interact all their 5 senses when they use it.  It’s 10p.m. and they’re to roll one.  They pull out that custom rolling paper booklet out of their pocket and the first thing they see is YOUR logo. Then they feel the paper as they pull out the first sheet and start rolling.  Now they light it up and hear and smell that beautiful joint burn as they raise it to their lips and taste it.  BOOM you have  officially etched YOUR brand in the customer’s  mind and that is what will keep them coming back to you. 

Custom Rolling Paper Booklet


Custom rolling trays are the gold standard when  it comes to promotional products that work in this industry.  You want to use something which keeps the client constantly remembering your canna business.  Every time they roll a joint they will be pulling out that beautiful tray branded with your dispensary logo across it.  When you choose to promote your business with custom rolling trays you are not only enhancing the customers smoking experience but you are also investing in YOUR brand.

Custom Rolling Tray


Custom smell proof stash bags with combination locks are the perfect canna promotional item as it allows clients to stash away their supply with total confidence in a secure pouch.  These smell proof stash bags are the perfect way to travel and hold all their marijuana essentials.  Each time the pull it out they will be reminded of your dispensary.  We know a promotional product is gold when the client is guaranteed to constantly use it and see your branding which will remind them of your dispensary hence increasing brand loyalty.

Custom Smell Proof Cannabis Bags

There you have it - our top three Canna Promotional Products which will guarantee your dispensary remains in the forefront of your customers mind.  What promotional products are currently using for your business?  If you need help choosing the right product(s) to increase your dispensary brand loyalty amongst your customers check out our site or get in touch with one of our representatives at who can help you through the whole process of choosing your products, getting the artwork done and delivered to your doorstep.  Let us help YOU increase YOUR brand loyalty amongst your customers.

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