TOP 10 Smoking Promotional Products For Dispensaries

Are you interested in driving more traffic in to your dispensary this year?

With the ever changing algorithm on social media, it is becoming harder for companies to get in front of their target consumer without having to spend a lot $$$.  This means they need to get more creative if they want to drive more traffic to their dispensary.

However, finding a creative marketing solution doesn’t not need to mean spending big bucks on social media adverts in the hopes of being seen.

The best advertising snowballs; where one impression leads in to a conversation and awareness of your dispensary spreads from there.  

custom smoking promotional products

Luckily nothing starts a conversation better than a well thought of custom promotional product.

It can most certainly seem like a challenging test to try and now find that product, this is why our team have put together a list of 10 best promotional items for smokers.


Before picking out a product for your target market, here are 5 questions to ask yourself before deciding if this is the right promotional product for you to go with:

  • Affordability - is it good value?
  • Swag - does it look and feel good?
  • Unique - does it show you put thought in to the product?
  • Useful - is it practical?
  • Quality - is it durable and made of quality material?

Now that we know what to look for in a product that will get customers talking about the dispensary, let's explore 10 best smoking promotional products being used in 2022 to promote dispensaries:


1. Custom Tin Rolling Trays

Custom tin rolling trays work the best if you want a full color print, edge to edge. The print on a custom tin rolling tray is unmatched. As we use flexographic print technology, if your design has gradation, lots of colors - tin is your choice hands down 🙌. These trays are the perfect vehicle to advertise your brand name whilst giving clients something they will use regularly.


2. Custom vegan Rolling trays

Looking for a VEGAN LEATHER ROLLING TRAY with full color printing  This is the tray for you! Our leather rolling tray is 

custom vegan leather rolling traysuper intelligently designed as it is held down by two buttons that allow you to assemble when in use and dissemble real quick when unwanted people walk into the room!  Perfect for your vegan consumers who will appreciate the thought you put behind choosing something that aligns with their values whilst giving your dispensary a green angle, showing that you’re forward thinking.
  Why vegan leather?
  • The gentlemen will love it!
  • Save the animals!
  • Button enclosure that allows you to assemble it into a tray shape and disassemble (real quick) when you want to stash it quick!
  • Full color printing elevating your brand to the next level!

 What are the choices for the base colors?

Currently, we have a choice of a white base and black. If your design has more colors best to choose white and if your design is more of a dark theme, best to chose black.


3. Custom Essentials Smoker Kit

This is the item you been asking RYOM FAM 💚 for! Custom make your own smoking essentials kit for your customers is the perfect product and you can brand it as a limited edition with

Custom Smokers Kitcertain purchases or even as a special holiday gift to your valued clients. Your logo can be added on to every item. Your customers will feel valued and your dispensary will look elite when they pull out their essentials smoker kit



4. Custom metal premium ashtray

Need a way for your clients to remember you? Picture it.. everytime they tip a nice fat one over to ash...and they see your name full edge to edge printed on a metal premium ashtray!


5. Custom Premium grinder

Nothing like this herb grinder exists on the market! Your design printed FULL on the rolling edge, top and bottom base with FULL color.  Our herb grinders are super premium with sharp diamond teeth and a scrapper elevating your brand to the next level!


6. Custom Stash Capsule

Looking for an innovative stash capsule for the customers? This is the purchase for you!  Our aluminium stash capsule is made up from 3 part CNC aluminimum and can be printed 100% around the whole edge in FULL color. It has a key ring to make it mobile on the go!


7. Custom Glass Chillum 

Bored of all the plain and boring glass chillums your wholesalers stock? Custom print your own! 

custom glass chillum

Thats right we can take any design and print it in full color around the glass chillum making your dispensary brand stand out even more!Picture a client whipping out their glass chillum while their friends see your dispensary name printed on it! 




8. Custom Portable Rolling Paper Stash Case

 This is an excellent stash accessory for the on the go smokers! This baby has a perfect inner hold to hold all your booklet sizes, with bottom area to hold other items such as; filter tips, pre roll tips, your lighter - you name it!

9. Custom Lighter Leash

Promoting you dispensary at a festival this year.  These lighter leash are fantastic at events- they're durable and a fun yet useful way to leave a lasting impression on clients.  

10. Custom Acrylic Flip Top Joint Box 

Looking for the ultimate accessory for your clients to carry their joints on the go? Customize an acrylic flip top joint box!  We can print these on our 3D uv printer which a choice of various colors - therefore elevating your brand to the next level!

 custom lighter leash

There you have it - 10 the top custom promotional products for smokers.  If there something else in particular that you are looking for which isn’t on this list check out the full range over on

Or send us a DM on Instagram @ryopfam where someone on our team will be able to help you out immediately.






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