Top 4 Reasons to Switch to Hemp Wraps Today

Hemp wraps rolling papers

Hemp wraps have been gaining popularity as they are a natural and healthier alternative for smokers. Consumers have been opting to choose hemp wraps for a cleaner, more flavourful and eco-friendly option. 

So what are hemp wraps, and how are they different from blunt wraps?

Hemp wraps are made from industrial hemp pulp pressed into thin sheets to make wraps for people to use for rolling their blunts.  

  • We have seen hemp wraps gaining popularity as they are a natural and healthier alternative to traditional blunt wraps. 

Traditional blunt wraps are made from tobacco leaves and often contain harmful additives and flavourings.

Hemp wraps offer a clean and pure smoking experience. Moreover, they are friendlier for the environment. This is due to the fact that hemp is a sustainable crop that requires less pesticide and herbicide. Hemp wraps are an excellent choice for people looking to enjoy a smoother, more authentic smoking session while reducing their impact on their health and the environment. 

In this blog, we will explore the top 4 reasons why you should consider making the switch to hemp wraps.

Reason 1: They offer a flavour

The first reason why people are switching over to hemp wraps and prefer them are the natural and clean flavour that the wraps provide. Traditional blunt wraps can regularly leave a chemical aftertaste that can overpower the natural taste of the smoking material and result in an unpleasant smoking experience. In contrast, hemp wraps offer a pure, earthy flavour that complements the natural taste of the smoking material. This cleaner taste is especially appreciated by those who enjoy the true essence of their herbs without any artificial interference.

Reason 2: They are more versatile and customizable

The second reason is that hemp wraps are available in a range of flavours and sizes, which allows smokers to customize how they would prefer to enjoy their smoking experience. Whether you prefer a slow-burning wrap for a longer session or a flavoured wrap for an enhanced experience, hemp wraps can cater to all needs, allowing for a very personalized experience. Additionally, due to the thickness of the material they make, they are a favourite amongst both novice and experienced smokers for their ease of rolling.

Reason 3: You are supporting a growing industry

When you switch to hemp wraps, it also means that you are showing your support to the rapidly increasing hemp industry. As the demand for hemp products increases, so does the economic benefit for hemp farmers and businesses. This industry growth not only helps local economies but also promotes the development of more sustainable agricultural practices. By choosing hemp wraps, you are contributing to a positive economic and environmental impact.

Reason 4: Better experience for customers

Custom hemp wraps are known for a smoother and more natural smoking experience. They burn evenly and slowly, allowing for a more enjoyable session. Whereas when you use a blunt wrap you are left with a stronger flavour and robust smoke. Also, when you opt for a blunt wrap as it contains nicotine it can alter your smoking experience and would not be suitable for those individuals who are wanting a tobacco free option.


There are a number of benefits when you switch over to hemp wraps which range from health benefits, environmental sustainability and even a better flavour for a more enjoyable smoke session. As more and more people become aware of these benefits, the popularity of hemp wraps continues to rise. If you are not stocking hemp wraps in your dispensary yet, now is the perfect time to start offering them to your customers. Contact us today at to check out our full range of hemp wraps. They are the perfect addition to your dispensary as this is now what a growing number of consumers are preferring, and they complement the herb you are selling.


Q: Are hemp wraps more expensive than traditional wraps?

A: While hemp wraps can sometimes be slightly more expensive, the health and environmental benefits make them a worthwhile investment.

Q: Do hemp wraps contain THC?

A: No, hemp wraps are made from industrial hemp and contain negligible amounts of THC, ensuring they do not produce any psychoactive effects.

Q: Can I find flavoured hemp wraps?

A: Yes, hemp wraps come in a variety of flavours, allowing you to customize your smoking experience to your taste. Check out to find out more details.


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