TOP 5 best promotional products for outdoor summer festivals

Two year later it finally feels like the all the festivals and concerts (which bring in HUGE crowds) are back with a bang!  We’re talking festivals that draw in thousands to tens of thousands of people.  This is a huge marketing opportunity to take advantage of as it provides massive marketing opportunity for your brand!

Let’s take the music festival Coachella for an example.  This year (2022) it  brought in over 100,000 people who not only enjoyed the music but the festival experience as a whole.  It is held over two weekends which mean that SIX full days to get your branding and company name out there.

Here are some of the products I would have pounced at the opportunity to get whilst at the festival:


custom cannabis swag

You’d pressure people would bring their own sunglasses if they were attending an outdoor festival however, that is not always the case.  And what happens even if they did and it broke in all the excitement or even got misplaced.  You guessed they would jump at the opportunity of taking one which was being handed out.  Not only is this the perfect opportunity to get your brand out there but these are stylish as well.  My suggestion would be to choose the bright  neon glasses and have your logo printed along the side so they are sure to stand out and get noticed in the crowd.



Custom embossed silicone wrist bands are a low cost item which offers an effective way to promote your brand at the festivals.  If you choose your colours correctly silicone wrist bands can be a stylish accessory.  So hand out customised silicone wrist bands branded with your logo and lets the festival go-ers be a human billboard for your brand all over the venue.

Cannabis promotional products


Handheld fans have to be my favorite of all the promotional items list in this post for festival promotional products.  When it’s hot and I just need a little break in the shade I know I would love to have a fan in my hand to cool me down and. I know I def would not take one out with me.  The beauty of the handheld fans is that it is something the festival go-ers would love to have and there is so much real estate to utilise in promoting your brand to all those people who are grateful for your genius idea when choosing the promotional product you were going to hand out!

custom canna swag


These beaded bracelets are so trendy that we can almost bet that once someone receives it they are going to keep them on their wrist all weekend.  Customise them with your brands colour and logo and they will your brands walking advertisement all over the festival.

cannabis promotional products for festivals



Custom rolling papers

Now we’ve got a smokin’ hot idea for your next promotional product at the festival - custom rolling paper.  Can you think of a product that festivals go-ers would appreciate more than custom rolling paper?  After even Beyonce was found using custom rolling papers to blot her oily skin at Coachella we know all the ladies are definitely going to appreciate having a pack of these with your brand in their bag - whether they use to to smoke or keep their make up intact over the weekend.  



There you have it - our top 5 Promotional Products for outdoor summer festivals which will guarantee your brand remains in the forefront of your customers mind.  What promotional products are currently using for your business?  If you need help choosing the right product(s) to increase your brand loyalty amongst your customers check out our extensive cannabis promotional products on our site or get in touch with one of our representatives at who can help you through the whole process of choosing your products, getting the artwork done and delivered to your doorstep. 

Let us help YOU increase YOUR brand loyalty amongst your customers.


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