Ways to Improve the Burn Rate of Your Joint with Backwards Rolling… And More

To roll a perfect joint is no easy task. Some people are natural rollers, but for the majority of us, it is a skill to be mastered. When it comes to the burn rate of your joint, you have complete control and the more you know about how to control the different factors that influence burn rate, the better your joints will be. 

Sometimes you want something that burns up quickly and then there are times that you want your joint to burn like a blunt. Here are ways that you can use to improve the burn rate of your joints and blunts. 

Factors that influence burn rate

Nothing sucks more than looking forward to lighting up a fat joint, only to let it die on you the whole time or having to suck like hoover to get anything out. The levels of frustration and disappointment are uncharted. But these things happen because of several different factors.  

Bud Quality – When the flowers are harvested, they are put through a curing process to remove the moisture. There are generally three different results, too dry, too moist and epic. When the weed is too dry, it will crumble like dry leaves and produce a fast, harsh burn. 

Too wet and the joint dies on you the whole time, but when a pro cures the bud, then only around 10% of the moisture is left, making for the perfect burn. If the weed is too dry or wet, then mixing it with some regular tobacco might solve the problem. 

Smoking paper – The smoking paper also makes a huge difference. Generally, normal tobacco paper works just fine, but ever since states started to legalize weed, they have opened the doors to the industry. Now you get all kinds of paper and finding the right one will depend on how you like your jay to burn. 

Thinner papers let in more air, causing the burn to go slower, while others are flavored and cause a quick burn. What works for one person will differ for the next, so exploring the options and finding your rolling paper is the best course.  

Pack density – When it comes to how tight you pack your roach, it also comes down to preference. But there is such a thing as a jay that is packed too tight or too loose. Somewhere in the middle, there is a consistency that will suit your style and preference. 

When a joint is packed too loosely, it will burn super-fast and sideburn is more likely to occur. What’s even worse is that some of your dope might fall out and be wasted. When it’s packed too tight, you will pull your lungs out on that sucker for very little reward. None of the two extremes is great for burn rate, so find that middle ground and practice getting it every time. 

Grinding – When your bud is unevenly ground, do not be surprised when your burn rate is also uneven. It would be like burning twigs and logs on the same fire. If you do not have a proper grinder and are left to break up the bud with your hands, take your time and ensure that you get it all to the same consistency.

Draw intensity – Some people draw in like there is no tomorrow and others take it is slow and steady. How hard you draw makes a massive difference in the burn rate of your pot. If you want to make it last longer, draw in more relaxed, it is that simple. 

Cannabis wax or honey – When you have been at rolling joints for a while, exploring with cannabis wax and honey to prolong the burn becomes the next frontier. This can turn into a messy affair and you might want to build a couple of normal jays to take on as you explore with additives.   

Backward rolling for beginners

If you want to improve the burn rate even further, then using the backward roll technique will serve you well. The great thing about this technique is that you inhale much less paper smoke, giving you a much cleaner experience. At first, I might seem tricky, but practice makes perfect. 

Step 1 – Take one leaf of your rolling paper of choice and also make sure you have a tip at hand. Rolling one yourself is super easy, but you can buy pre rolled paper, wood and glass tips at your local dispensary. 

Step 2 – Normally, you would roll a joint along the natural crease of the paper. For a backward roll, you need to fold the paper back on this crease and have the sticky strip face down and be the closest edge towards you. 

Step 3 – Place your tip on the one end and start filling on your herb to your heart’s content. Be sure to leave a bit of space at the end of the joint to prevent it from falling out. 

Step 4 – Now, start to roll your joint with your thumb and forefingers to pack everything nice and tight. 

Step 5 – Once you have the makings of a nice tight joint, start tucking the gummy strip over the bud until it touches the paper on the other side. When it is in position, then give it a good lick and cover it with the other paper.  

Step 6 – Now is the time to tuck the gum strip into the paper and cover the weed completely. Roll the joint further until the entire bum strip is attached to the other side of the paper. 

Step 7 – There will be plenty of paper left over, but that is where the fun part comes in. Slightly wet the area where the gummy strip and tack a lighter and burn the rest of the paper away. The moisture over the gummy strip will prevent it from burning as well. What you have left over is a perfect joint with no excess paper.  

Step 8 – All you have to do now is to light it up and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 


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