The Different Types of Rolling Papers Explained
Types of Rolling Papers The type of rolling paper used can elevate a smoker's experience especially when it is made of premium natural materials. Nowadays, cannabis enthusiasts have various kinds of papers available to them.  The choice between wood, rice,...
Choosing the Best Packaging
You’re ready to get your product on the shelf but now need to decide how you’re going to package it. With so many options ranging from mylar bags to glass jars, plastic jars, tin boxes how do you safely secure...
What Type Of Rolling Tray Is The Best For You?
Rolling trays are the perfect accessory to simplify the rolling process. Rolling trays are designed with a flat rectangular shape and raised edges making them the perfect accessory to ensure any loose herbs stays on the tray. Our custom rolling trays come in 3 different sizes (for the tin and melamine option) and are can be fully customized with you design and logo.
Sexy Roach Book - Stoner Doodlez Edition
Roll Your Own papers.Com in collaboration with Stoner Doodlez create the most sexiest and hottest filter tips at present: Sexy Roach Book - Stoner Doodlez Edition.   Last January, 2020, Roll Your Own Papers.Com reached out to hundreds of influencers...
The Impetus of Business: Graphic Design
Today, most important messages are almost communicated by media from posters to blogs, email campaigns, videos and etc. In this world full of flooding information, graphic design has its vital role. For years, graphic design has been the easiest way to acquire what we need to know and question the obvious by using media tools, specifically photos, images, colors, illustrations and video. Today, visual communication is the most advanced tool for mass information distribution.
The Best Trade Shows For Medical Herbs Dispensaries
The number of medical herbs trade shows is continually growing as the number of legal states increases. If you’re ready to experience what the herb industry has to offer, then waste no time in finding the best herb and dispensary trade show near you.
Shoutout to LP’s Stop Selling RAW Cones! Buy Custom!
Whether you own a medical herb dispensary or a smoke shop, there’s no better way to increase your profits and awareness than by creating custom cones and rolling papers. Read along to understand why it’s better to buy custom rolling papers and cones and not rely on products, such as RAW, to take away your uniqueness.
My Favorite LA Dispensaries and Why
Los Angeles is the heart of West Coast dope. There’s a reason why LA is renowned for its vibrant herb scene, and it’s not because every rapper mentions the quality of cannabis here. Local herb cultivators have long perfected the art of growing marijuana - and it’s apparent when visiting a handful of dispensaries in LA. Read along to find out which LA dispensaries are my favorite - and why.
Is Legal Herb Overpriced? My Thoughts
The legal herb industry was marketed as a primary way to destroy the black market and increase local tax revenue. However, in the last two years, it appears that legal herb prices have skyrocketed, rather than declined. Read along to understand why legal herb prices are increasing and how they will continue to do so over the long-term.
The Decline of Booklets and the Rise of Pre Roll Cones
Before pre-roll cones, there was always a steady supply of rolling paper booklets and strong demand. However, the age of pre-roll cones has completely changed the landscape for herb dispensaries and smoke shops. Read along to understand why rolling paper booklets are on the decline and why pre-roll cones are on a meteoric rise - and what you can do to stay relevant.
Micro Influencers: Are they Worth it?
Reaching out to micro influencers has been embraced as one of the most effective networks in promoting your product or brands and it helps you push high quality movement and consumers.
Branding and Dope

When it comes to boosting your herb brand’s image, revenue, and relevance - there’s no better option than branding. Branding is a tool that separates your company from all others, which is essential in the highly competitive herb industry. Read along to learn how important it is to incorporate a strong brand with the help of customized products.

Which Dope Brands Have the Best Packaging
When it comes to success, all you need to do is look at those who have accomplished it. However, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into creating the best packaging. In the world of dope, there are a handful of brands that stand out among the rest. Join us as we take a look at which dope brands have the best packaging - and how you can achieve the same level of greatness.
We would firstly huge thanks to all our clients for being patient and supporting us during these hard times ❤️, secondly our hearts go out to the patients, the medical team and the families in Wuhan - it has seriously been...
Is the Vape Apocalypse Here to Stay?
If you’re in the tobacco or cannabis industry that relies on products for smoking, such as pipes, bongs, rolling papers, cones, and grinders - are vapes here to stay? This question has now become a reality as vaping products have recently dominated the market. Join us as we take a look at how long vaping will remain a trend and how your business can compete.
Branding & Identity – How It Works and Why is it Important
In the olden days, branding is mostly used in livestock businesses to indicate the origin and the ownership of animals. Farms mark it livestock (cattle, cow, and etc.) with fire-heated irons to give identification to the farm that produced it. Fast forward to the present time, branding is now used in different type of businesses and it became one of the most important aspects in any business, large or small. Branding helps your business establish a connection to its consumers – it represents the values of your business, the service you provide, the quality of your product, and the promise you made to your customers.
Why is CBD so Expensive?
Have you ever wondered why a 50mL bottle of CBD oil costs so much? We have to, which is why we wrote this article. Join us as we take a look into the hemp industry and why CBD products seem to cost so much more than their THC-rich counterparts.
Why Will China Take Over the CBD Market?
There’s a reason why China is poised to take over the CBD market. But why? Read along to find out why China is likely going to outproduce the rest of the world in CBD production.
2019 Novel Coronavirus...production delays : (
Update as of Friday Jan 31st 2020...Yes it sucks, but we just got word from the local government office, that our rolling paper factory will not be allow to reopen until the 10th of February 2020. Hence, we will see...
Organic and Non-organic Rolling Papers
You love Mary Jane and you love Mother Nature. What is the best way to enjoy both? Use an Organic rolling paper! Enjoy a good joint without compromising Mother Earth. Roll it up with your friends and it will be like a smoke fest with nature.
How to start Marketing your own Rolling Paper Brand
You’ve just started your own rolling paper brand and now you’re wondering how people will know about it. Well, the answer just lies within the place you always visit through your smartphone or computer.