7 Reasons How Custom Rolling Trays Can Boost Your Brand

Are you on the lookout for some awesome ways to make your brand shine and leave a lasting impression on your customer? Well, guess what? Custom rolling trays are where it's at! These cool and practical accessories aren't just handy for cannabis lovers, but they also give dispensaries a killer marketing opportunity.

In this blog post, we're gonna spill the tea on seven mind-blowing reasons why custom rolling trays are the best when it comes to boosting your brand. We're talking about personalised branding, getting your customers super engaged, and so much more. Trust us, these custom trays have got some serious perks for your brand's marketing strategy. Get ready to unlock their full potential and take your brand to new heights of success. Let's dive in!

custom vegan rolling trays

  1. Personalised Branding: Custom rolling trays are your chance to show off your brand's vibe in a totally unique way. We're talking about slapping your logo, colors, and messages right on there! Imagine the impact of having your brand elements shine on a cool, eye-catching tray. It's all about creating something that sticks in people's minds, so whenever they see that tray, bam! Instant recognition of your awesome business. Let your brand shine with custom rolling trays!
  1. Increased Brand Visibility: Rolling trays are super handy for all you cannabis enthusiasts out there. They're the go-to tool for regular use. So, imagine this: you start giving out custom trays at events or as freebies. Bam! Your brand's visibility skyrockets! And here's the icing on the cake: every time customers whip out that tray, they can't help but notice your brand. It's like an ongoing reminder that sticks with them, building that sweet, sweet brand recognition.
  1. Enhanced Customer Engagement: Custom rolling trays are more than just a product. They're a direct line to your customers' hearts. Picture this: you hand them a slick, useful, and downright beautiful tray that they can't help but love. Boom! Instant connection with your brand. And guess what? That connection leads to all kinds of good stuff. You're talking about loyal customers who sing your praises to anyone who will listen. That's some serious word-of-mouth action right there! So, get those custom rolling trays out there and watch the magic happen. Your customers will thank you for it!
  1. Targeted Marketing Opportunities: Rolling trays ain't a one-size-fits-all deal. No, sir! You can customize those bad boys to hit the bullseye with your target peeps. Whether your clients are all about the eco-friendly life and prefer a vegan custom wooden rolling  tray, the medical patients prefers a custom glass rolling tray, or a specific crowd, these custom trays got your back. You can align your branding and messages to speak right to the heart of your dream audience. It's like sending a signal straight to their brains, saying, "Hey, this is for you, buddy!" So, get in touch with us to see how you can get the trays tailored and watch your brand resonate like never before. It's all about hitting that sweet spot!


  1. Unique Promotional Items: When you're in a fierce competitive market, you gotta do something rad to shine bright, my friend. That's where customisation come into play! Forget about those run-of-the-mill promotional items. We're talking about something practical and downright stylish. When you pass out these bad boys, you're making a lasting impression that puts you on a whole different level from the competition. Say goodbye to giving out swag that gets chucked in the trash. This kind of custom dispensary swag is gonna make heads turn and stick around as a constant reminder of your awesome brand. So, don't settle for ordinary. Go custom and leave 'em all in awe!
  1. Social Media Buzz:  Custom rolling trays are like social media gold mines, I'm telling ya! Get this: you hand out these edge to edge colour printed rolling trays with your logo all over it, and then you encourage your customers to snap some pics and share 'em all over insta. It's like free advertising! This user-generated content blows up your brand's reach and gets people talking. Before you know it, you got all these new faces checking out your awesome brand, and your name is spreading like wildfire. So, order those trays now and get them out there and watch the magic happen. It's time to go viral, my friends and bring in the $$$!
  1. Long-lasting Brand Exposure: Forget about those old-school advertising methods with an expiration date, my friend. Custom rolling trays are here to give you some serious long-lasting brand exposure! Check it out: these babies are functional and get used over and over again. That means your brand stays in the spotlight, day in and day out. It's like having a constant reminder that screams, "Hey, remember us? We're your go-to brand!" So, not only do you keep your visibility on point, but you also build up some serious brand loyalty. It's a win-win situation that keeps on giving. Get ready for some unstoppable brand power!custom printed rolling trays

So there you have it, my friends! Custom rolling trays are your secret weapon to boost your brand like never before. With personalised branding, increased brand visibility, enhanced customer engagement, targeted marketing opportunities, unique promotional items, social media buzz, and long-lasting brand exposure, these trays have got it all.

No more settling for ordinary marketing tactics or short-lived promotions. Custom rolling trays give you a chance to show off your brand's unique vibe and make a lasting impression. They become a constant reminder of your awesomeness and create connections with your customers that lead to loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.

Whether you're looking to make a splash in a competitive market or expand your brand's reach, custom rolling trays are the way to go. So, don't wait another minute. Order your trays, get them out there, and watch your brand soar to new heights of success. It's time to roll with the best and boost your brand like never before!

Are you all set to amp up your brand and make it stand out with some awesome custom rolling trays? Well, guess what? It couldn’t be easier - you can easily place your order on our website. Super convenient, right? But wait, if you want a more personal touch and want to speak with someone on the team just shoot us a DM on Instagram @ryopfam

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