In 2020 we experienced a change to trade shows and events.  However, now in 2021 with the world starting to open up and in-person trade shows are starting up and running it’s time to share some of the most creative cannabis swag items you could hand out to the draw the crowds to your booth. 

Cannabis promotional products

2021 has seen the promotional giveaway trend start to evolve.  We are now witnessing an increased focus on quality over quantity with giveaways.  As well as that with all the safety precautions having to be implemented, in person events are now happening on a smaller scale than in previous years.  What this means is that now the perfect swag items has changed.  It is no longer the same as it once was.

We have moved on from the era of cheap giveaways to more high quality products which excite the customer. 

So what does this mean for you?

As a brand you could start buying lower quantities OR you become more strategic about who gets the items and don’t just hand them out to anyone.  What is of utmost importance is to have a giveaway which wows your client and reflects your company and brand.  

How do you increase brand exposure and stand out from the using custom cannabis swag?

You need ensure you are handing out swag that’s useful, creative and relevant (more on each one lower down)

Why is ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS your swag specialist for cannabis promotional products for all your upcoming trade show needs?  We 100% understand quality products and are able to offer you just that whilst fully customising the products at low quantities. 


Canna Swag

Any company can just buy a pen and whack their logo on it but that’s not really going to make an impact.  You need something to WOW your clientele and offer something that’s more memorable.  Handing out a creative product will increase the impact that your company has at the trade show.  Let’s say you’re a dispensary, if you’re handing out pens that probably will get lost pretty fast and the whole value of  your brand being seen will be lost in an instant.  Now let’s say that you decide to hand out a custom printed tin rolling tray.  This is something the client will keep, use often AND will see your logo and artwork on display every time.  A creative, relevant giveaway with a purpose!


Custom Canna Promo

When you give away a swag item you want to make sure that it is useful and something the receiver will actually want.  If it’s not, it will probably end up in the trash cause no one got space for unnecessary clutter.  Choose an item that can add value to the clients life.  For example at a trade show you could giveaway custom printed grinders.  Is it something not everyone buys for themselves.  However it would be something they’d use every time they roll if they had one.


Cannabis Swag

Not all promotional products are created equally for each company.  You need to find a product that is a good fit for your brand.  It has to be relatable and consistent with your brand.  For example it wouldn’t make sense for a bank to be handing out custom rolling papers but for a cannabis company its totally relevant.  When choosing your product keep in mind your audience and the purpose of handing it out.


So our top 5 recommendations which tick all three of the above boxes would include

Custom Printed face Masks

Custom Masks

Custom Printed Rolling Trays

Custom Rolling Trays

Custom Printed Tote Bags

Custom Canvas Totes

Custom Rolling Paper

Custom Rolling Papers

Custom Grinders

Custom Grinders

There you have it - RYOP’s top 5 canna swag recommendations to hand out at trade shows.

As always if there is something that you have in mind but can’t find on our site - send us a DM on instagram: @rollyourownpapers or e-mail us at hello@rollyourownpapers.com and let’s chat.  If you can dream it we can make it!

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