As with any brand / dispensary the goal is to continuously retain your customer base which always acquiring new customers.  Gifting unique promotional products is one of the ways to help customers remember you and your brand with a positive impression.

The more we are exposed to something, the more we like it and remember it.  Researchers Kunst and Williams did a study where the showed participants a picture of an octagon for a mere millisecond.  Even though participants were not able to clearly recall seeing the octagon they did end up showing an increased affinity for the eight-sided shape. Does the same hold true for brand exposure? We definitely think so!  

Here at ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS, we’ve rounded up five unique promotional products that will get your dispensary noticed (and remembered), in a really positive way. 

1. Custom Rolling Paper - the king of cannabis promo products.  Offering clients a product which you know they will love and use is key.  At RYOP we offer as low as 100 booklets.  So no matter what size your business is we’ve got you covered.

Promotional rolling paper 

2. Custom Printed Rolling Tray -  Custom printed rolling trays is the new business card to elevate your brand.  They are printed edge to edge, back to front with YOUR design.  Everyday when your clients roll up they see YOUR brand even when they are sitting in their own home.  Doesn’t get better than that!!

Promotional rolling tray

3. Custom Air Fresheners: picture this - you hand your dispensary client over a CUSTOM (which your dispensary logo) air freshener for their car, which dispensary do you think they are going to remember when driving down the road.  You got it - YOURS!  With over 15 scents to choose from you can customise exactly what you want!

Promotional Custom Air Fresheners


4. Custom Silicone Wrist Bands - with the world starting to open up post pandemic and trade shows, concerts, parties starting up again out 100% silicone wrist bands are the perfect giveaway to hand out in the events to remind customers of your brand.

Promotional Custom Silicone Wrist Bands

5. Custom Rubber Key Chains - imagine you give your clients a custom rubber keychain and then put their keys on it.  Every. Single. Time . They reach for their keys their subconscious mind will think of YOUR brand.  Now they’re done with work and they want to head a to a dispensary where do you think they automatically drive to without even thinking about it - yup that’s right, they drive straight to you!

Custom Promotional Silicone Wrist Bands


Now that you you’ve seen the power of these promotional products help your customers consistently remember your brand/dispensary with these unique cannabis swag items.  Reach out to us by e-mail, over at instagram or check out our website at www.rollyourownpapers.com to get started with your order today.  Have questions, need more ideas, want help with your artwork - just get in touch!  We love to help and make this process as easy as possible for you!!


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