Looking for a custom rolling tray? Then this is the collection for you! We have the widest selection of custom rolling trays, lowest minimums, best quality and cheapest prices available on the market.  The best part - every order comes with 100% free shipping to your door with no hidden charges.


Our selection of custom rolling tray are split into three base materials; solid wood, 100% pure melamine and tin - each have their own advantages depending on the consumer.


Solid wood custom rolling trays are the best option if you’re an end user and looking for something different or perhaps a gift for one of your sheesh buddies. Minimums for solid wood custom rolling trays start at only ONE unit. Yes, just ONE unit! How crazy is that? There is no other manufacturer in the world that offers customization on one rolling tray. Wood has to be our personal favorite, as the grain overtime and ages to tell its own story. However, for custom wood rolling trays we can only laser etch on them and not print.


Pure melamine custom rolling trays are an excellent option for dispensaries looking for a product as a giveaway or to elevate their brand to the next level. Coming in two base colors: black and white, minimums for pure melamine custom rolling trays start at 300 trays. What makes melamine a great option?  Simple. They last forever!  The color will never fade due to the print technique, the tray has a flex and it will never loose shape. The only downfall for melamine rolling trays are due to the nature of the print technique the colors are not as vivid (if your design is super colorful), and printing on the rolling edge (the curve), is not the best. If your logo/design is a max of three colors without any shading affect, custom melamine rolling trays would be the best option for you.


Custom tin rolling trays are fantastic for brands - hands down! Why? Using flexographic print technique, the hues, vibrance and saturation are unmatched. As a brand owner if you are willing to sacrifice a tray’s strength and life, but light weight and print is your top priority - custom tin rolling trays are your best option. Minimums for custom tin rolling trays start at just 300 trays now - and don’t  have any setups! That’s right zero setups! The only downfall for custom tin rolling trays is that they’re expensive at lower volumes. As a brand if you do manage to scale, pricing for the tins drop down drastically.