What’s up RYOP Fam!  We’re spilling the beans on the exact process we use to create your own custom rolling trays at RYOP.  

In this post we’ll walk you through exactly what you need and the step by step process to customising your own custom rolling trays. Whether you want to just customise one for yourself or your looking to start a new venture selling custom rolling trays this process is for you - sublimation printing.

custom rolling trays

So What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing is transferring specific or sublimation dyes on to a transfer sheet which will then be “sublimated” or imprinted on to your tray.  

How It Works

The image is first infused onto the source printing paper, leaving little mess and making the whole process quick and easy for dye sublimation printing. Heat is then utilized to transfer the image from the sublimation paper to an object.  This create a seamless design from edge to edge when high temperatures are added.

What do you need?

In order to utilise this type of printing - there are 5 tools which are essential to it.

  1. Sublimation printer - arguable the most important item needed is the sublimation ink printer.  
  2. Sublimation paper - when using the sublimation printed, any colour can be produced and transferred on to the printing paper suitable for the machine.  This paper is referred to as transfer paper or sublimation paper.  Any image, logo, photo, design can be printed on to this paper - the same way you print on regular printing paper.
  3. Computer and RIP software - some printers already come with this software needed in setting up what will be printed out.  These computer programs are called RIP software, abbreviated for “Raster Image Processing”. If your printer doesn’t come with it, as some do not, it can also be purchased separately..  Please note it is so important your software is compatible with the printer you are using.
  4. Cutting Mechanism - another recommended product for sublimation includes a cutting device.  This could be a knife or a rotary blade.
  5. Type of Heat Press - another crucial item for printing is a heat press - which will be the next step of the sublimation process after printing.  The function of the heat press is to remove the design from the sublimation paper onto the custom rolling tray.  This is what creates a vivid image that is resistant to fading hence making it more durable in the long run.

Why choose to use sublimation printing?

Here’s the deal - if you’re looking for the most vibrant printed component then sublimation printing is the way to go.

I’ve got my Material - Now what do I do it?

Step 1

Get the blank blank trays.  Here is a link if you want to get them from amazon on amazon 

Step 2

Use photo shop or your favorite design software to create the artwork you want to have printed on the tray.  There are no limitations to the colours you can use or design you can create

Step 3

Using your sublimation printer print your design making sure it is printed on paper compatible with the sublimation printer. Once printed put the film paper inside the drying machine to dry the ink.

Step 4

Now you attach the print paper with the blank tray. Keep the image side facing towards the white side of the metal blank. Adjust both of them properly so that they are completely straight and adjacent to each other. Use the heat tape to keep them in place. Place a butcher or parchment paper on both sides of the blank.

Step 5

Now you can use either the portable, easy press or the heat press. Set the temperature to around 380-400 Fahrenheit and the timer to approximately 45-60 seconds. After the press is complete, remove the parchment paper and the tape to reveal your sublimated blank.

Step 6

Boom! Your Custom Rolling Tray is Ready.  Remove the tray from the heat and pull the film of the tray 🥳


custom rolling tray 


Custom Rolling Tray are an integral part of a smokers life, creating accessories such as rolling trays subject to a lot of customisation. 

This customisation is made pretty simple and incredible with sublimation. 

You can perform sublimation on your rolling tray and customise them with whatever image you are looking to do it with. 

The information provided here will help you understand the overall basics of rolling trays sublimation. We hope that the knowledge you gained will lead to an excellent start for you. 

Although It might seem complicated as you read through it the first time once you do it, you will see the process is much more straightforward than it sounds.

Will you test out this technique to custom print your rolling trays?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments below 


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