How Can Cannabis Packaging Be Eco-friendly?

With the growth of the cannabis industry comes the challenge of how to make packaging eco-friendly. Rules and regulations on the sale of cannabis vary from state to state but child-resistant packaging is a high priority. It can be difficult to make sure that packaging is not only child-resistant but also appealing and sustainable. 

Using custom canna packaging that is eco-friendly as well as attractive to consumers makes sense as customer sentiment rapidly moves away from using plastics. Here are some ways cannabis packaging can be more eco-friendly. 


Move away from plastics

Many packaging options are outdated and not good for the environment. Many cannabis products are still sold in plastic containers so the industry is contributing to the plastic problem. 

The single most effective way to help the environment is to reduce the use of plastic. The strict regulations in the cannabis industry can make it difficult to go as green as possible. However, companies are working on sustainable custom canna packaging. 


Try to reduce packaging

It is important to consider the custom canna packaging used for each product. Less is more when it comes to sustainable packaging so finding any ways eliminate non-essentials can help. For example, it is better to use foldout packaging where information can be printed on the inside than including informational inserts. 

Smell proof Mylar bags have been an affordable solution for many companies while they wait for new box configurations and other innovative packaging solutions. Smaller, sleeker boxes are currently being designed by many companies to amplify brand image and yet reduce carbon footprint at the same time. 

Another option for reducing the use of new plastic is to support organizations that are trying to rid the oceans of plastics. Some cannabis companies are using the plastics these organizations rescue from the sea for their custom canna packaging, such as the packaging they use for pre-rolled cones.


Use recyclable materials

The material should be able to be recycled rather than ending up in the trash. When two or more different types of plastic are blended, the layers cannot be separated in sorting and so the product is not recyclable. Recyclable options for packaging include papers, metals, durable woods and some new kinds of plastic. 

Cannabis flower is often sold in glass jars, plastic vials and smell proof Mylar bags. The problem is that these packaging materials are not biodegradable. Used glass jars can be recycled again and again and there are some recycling programs for them. Certain custom weed bags are also recyclable and can be used more than once. 

Paper tube packaging is currently being used as a biodegradable option for selling flower. Paperboard tubes now come in elegant and stylish shapes and they are also being used as secondary packaging for other products like hemp oils. 

One new packaging solution for pre-rolls is a recyclable box with a lid that flips open on pressing a button and it can lock. Vegetable-based inks are being used instead of traditional inks on weed stickers for pre-rolled cones and on custom weed bags. One company has created cannabis packaging out of the resin from recycled milk containers. Cans are being made that are reusable and intended for long term use. 


Make packaging reusable

Much cannabis packaging is intended for single use, which is one of the big problems when it comes to plastics. One of the priorities for packaging manufacturers is to think about how consumers can re-use packaging for other needs. Some examples of commonly reused packaging materials include small boxes, jars or paper bags. 

If customers can use containers for other purposes, they are less likely to throw them in the trash. There are cannabis companies that encourage customers to post images with hashtags of the different uses they have found for containers. 

Some small boxes, for example, are attractive, durable, childproof and dishwasher safe. They can be effectively used for the storage of many different kinds of small items in the home. 


Use hemp-based paper

Using hemp and other sustainable paper in custom canna packaging can save trees and give consumers a biodegradable option. Paper made from hemp seeds is completely biodegradable and can be used to make small boxes and printable adhesive labels. Weed stickers made from hemp-based paper come in a variety of styles and colors and they are perfect for use on items such as barrier bags or custom weed bags.

Biodegradable pre-rolled cones are being created out of hemp grown organically so it does not contain any pesticides, chemicals or heavy metals. Some of them are even gluten-free, which is great for smokers with gluten allergies. 

Pre rolled cones are also being made out of a large variety of paper blends, including pure hemp and wood pulp, with natural Arabic gum used as a sealant. Thin rolling paper is also being made from hemp and offers a smooth, slow burn. 


Choose eco-friendly labels

Specific labeling requirements may vary from state to state but in all cases, certain key information is required on labels affixed to containers. The option of using weed stickers instead of custom-printed bags has been a solution for many companies due to all the changing regulations. 

No sooner do they print labels than the regulations change and they have to print more. Custom-printed smell proof Mylar bags usually take about six weeks to print and large quantity orders are necessary for them to be cost-effective. 

The pressure-sensitive adhesives on most labels make them non-recyclable. However, custom weed stickers are available today that are plant-based and come with a biodegradable adhesive backing. Some of them come in compostable cellulose bags and even the hang tags are made from recycled paper. 


 A final word

Society is shifting toward considering sustainable materials and solutions in every aspect of life. Consumers are taking sustainability more seriously than they ever did before and want to support businesses that have a commitment to the environment. Take the time to make your custom canna packaging as sustainable as possible, and it will help your brand and the planet at the same time.

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