With all the different options of rolling trays available today how do you even go about choosing the right one for your cannabis promotional product?  We are going to give you a break down of all the different types of rolling trays in the post and by the end of it you should know everything there is to know about choosing the perfect tray for your brand.


If you’re new around here and wondering what is a rolling tray  - it's basically a smoking accessory, which allows smokers to enjoy a clean smooth surface dedicated for rolling the perfect roll.

The tray has a flat surface and high curved edges which provides you with a secure surface and prevents any of your herb spilling on the ground.

Rolling trays also have the perfect sized surface area to boldly print your brands logo / design across the front of it serving as the perfect branding tool and cannabis promotional product.  All the rolling tray are fully customisable to suit your specific needs.


Rolling trays come in different sizes and can be made from different materials.  Some of the materials you can find used to make rolling trays include: bamboo, melamine, tin, steel and wood to list a few. 

Below we have comprised a list of all the different rolling trays we offer at Roll Your Own Papers along with the printing / customisations that can be done to each one of them.  

CUSTOM STAINLESS STEEL ROLLING TRAY:  Stainless steel rolling trays are the perfect option if you are looking for something super premium.  They are made from 100% SS430 stainless steel and we can custom engrave your logo on it making it look super classy!

Cannabis promotional product rolling trays

These trays are also offered in 2 sizes which is: small (our best seller!) and a medium sized tray.

The base colour options include: gold (pictured above - our best seller!), rose gold, white gold, iridescence and matte black

Why choose stainless steel:
💚It screams premium

💚Solid to the touch

💚Virtually unbreakable

💚Lasts Forever


CUSTOM WOOD ROLLING TRAY:  Wood trays are a great option if you are looking for something more eco-friendly and need a smaller quantity.  On the woods trays we can have your design / logo engraved  on.

custom wood rolling tray

Why wood?

💚It’s natural

💚100% biodegradable

💚One of a kind

💚Over time, the wood will mature to tell its story


CUSTOM TIN ROLLING TRAY:  Custom tin rolling trays work the best if you want a full color print, edge to edge. The print on a custom tin rolling tray is unmatched versus melamine. As we use flexographic print technology, if you design has gradiation, lots of colors - tin is your choice hands down.

These trays are available in three sizes:

custom tin rolling tray

Small tin tray (Best seller), medium tin tray and large

Why choose a tin tray:

💚The colour reproduction is excellent

💚Extremely light weight

💚Very cost effect

💚Full edge to edge bleed print (a.k.a you can have your design printed across the whole tray)


CUSTOM MELAMINE ROLLING TRAY: Melamine is a great option if you want a tray that is dishwasher friendly, lasts almost forever and offers edge to edge customisation.

cannabis promotional product

What makes our melamine trays the best, is that they are 100% FDA approved. Melamine trays work best if you are a dispensary or online store looking for extra swag!

 They come in two sizes and two base colours which you can choose from:

7.5" (medium) white or black base tray

9.5" (large) white or black base tray


Why melamine?

💚Its super strong

💚Dishwasher friendly

💚Lasts almost forever

💚Full bleed printing

💚Its lightweight



Our vegan leather rolling trays are ideal for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Our leather rolling tray is super intelligently designed as it held down by two buttons that allow you to assemble when in use and dissemble real quick when unwanted people walk into the room!

Why choose vegan leather?

💚The gentlemen will love it!

💚Save the animals!

💚Button enclosure that allows you to assemble it into a tray shape and disassemble (real quick) when you want to stash it quick!

💚Full color printing elevating your brand to the next level!


These custom bamboo roll trays are the perfect all in one solution with your design 3D printed on to it.

custom bamboo rolling tray

Why choose the custom bamboo rolling stash tray?

💚It's made from 100% natural bamboo.

💚Your design is 3D printed edge to edge one side or two sides

💚Its fully magnetised to seal shut and not pop open

💚It screams premium!

There is a stash area for:

Your rolling papers

🔥 Your grinder

🔥 Your cones

🔥Your lighter

🔥Your herb 

Basically EVERYTHING you need to enjoy the perfect smoke🌬🌬🌬


These glass rolling tray make the perfect promotional product - they are 100% shatter proof and your design can be UV printed across the fill surface area making it a super classy item,

custom glass rolling tray

They come in 2 sizes: 

Small - 6.30" x 4.72”

Large - 10.11" x 6.18” 

Why choose the custom glass rolling tray?

💚they are classy


💚Your design can be printed across the whole surface area



Now that you have the low down on all the different rolling trays you need to pick which one is most suited for you.  Few things to think about when you are picking a tray include:

  1. What are your budgets?
  2. Do you need something more durable or one that has a more luxurious feel to it?
  3. Should it be an affordable option or a show-stopper?
  4. What size tray are you looking for?
  5. Does the tray need compartments or just a flat surface?
  6. Are you looking for something light for travel with or one which is going to be stationed in one place?
  7. How often will it be used for rolling?

Once you are able to answer these questions you will be able to decide which of these options are best suited for your specific needs.  If you need more help and information before making your decision you can also contact one of our representatives on the:


IG: @ryopfam


There is always someone available so drop us a message and we'll help you out.

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