Legal and Design Considerations for Labeling Cannabis Products

Perhaps you have considered using cannabis products but you are confused about what you read on the packaging and labels. Whether it is stating incorrect amounts of ingredients contained in products or false claims about the benefits, studies have found that a number of manufacturers push the boundaries on product labels in the cannabis industry. This is why reputable companies need to respect both the legal requirements and presentation on cannabis labels.


Cannabis packaging and labeling laws

Compliance with regulations is an important aspect in packaging and labeling. Packaging for products that are not for single use, for example, have to be resealable.

Just some of the options are boxes with interlocking enclosures, screw top lids for contains and adhesive closures. Just like over-the-counter medication, medical cannabis packaging has to be designed to make it evident if the package has been tampered with.

Smell-proof mylar bags are a great option for use as exit bags as they are child-proof and opaque which means they comply with the regulations. They also preserve freshness and can be used to pack concentrates, edibles or buds.

Knowing packaging and labeling options for various products helps with budgeting and being more cost-effective because it is not a one-size-fits-all approach.



Labeling of smell-proof mylar bags

Mylar is the name for a special kind of polyester film and it protects the product from the effects of light, moisture and oxygen penetration. One of the issues for the designers of cannabis labels for smell-proof mylar bags is that each state has different specifications for what is required on a label.

By offering a number of label templates for smell-proof mylar bags, companies can reduce the time and stress of making a custom label for a product. However, if a specific design is required, companies are prepared to customize labels to make products more attractive to customers.



Pre rolled cones

Labeling of pre-rolled cones

Pre-rolled cones do away with the hassle of grinding, rolling and sealing cannabis flower. Those selling pre-rolls can easily make or break the brand by not taking the proper steps for packaging and labeling pre-rolls. A plain label is also not as compelling as that of a competitor who has been creative with the label design.

Going the cheapest route when it comes to labeling pre-rolled cones can be a mistake because it will probably cost more to re-label defective pre-roll packages than it is to go for good quality labels from the start. It is also important to make sure that labels are meant for circular packages because a label that sticks well on a flat surface may not adhere properly to pre-rolled cones.

A narrow wraparound label will not be able to provide all the necessary information due to the size limitations. This makes it necessary to ensure that all the required information still gets placed with a product.



Sticker label on weed bags

Labeling of custom weed bags

Custom weed bags give companies the opportunity to brand their products exactly how they want to stand out from the competition.

Some brands have built their businesses based on the innovative labels, weed stickers and packaging they use to make products more appealing to consumers. The packaging is the first thing consumers see and great design can elevate a product and tell a story about the company.

Basic requirements for a cannabis label

The contents need to be clearly and appropriately marked so that everyone knows exactly what is inside the packaging. Every cannabis product label has to have a principal display panel (PDP) that appears on the surface of the container.

Standardized cannabis symbol: This symbol must be displayed on the PDP of the label to inform and warn consumers if a cannabis product contains THC.

Brand name and logo: This is the name under which a product is marketed. There are certain regulations regarding type size of the name and it should not be in fluorescent or metallic colors.

Product identity: This is what the product is and what it does. A major concern for states is that any imagery or language should not appeal to children.

Ingredients: All ingredients must be listed on the outer packaging.

Net quantity of contents: This states the amount of actual product without any of the cannabis packaging or container. The active amount per serving is measured by weight for solids and by volume for liquids and the unit of measure of THC and CBD content must appear on the PDP. 

Name and place of business: Customers must have a way to contact the manufacturer or distributor of the product.

Warning or caution statements: Any warnings need to appear on the label, such as a caution that users could fail a drug test when consuming the product or that the product is not safe for use by pregnant women.

Disclosing important facts: These are any facts that a reasonable person would consider significant when buying a product. For example, this could indicate whether the product is an isolate, broad spectrum or full spectrum. This can make a difference to consumers as some prefer to use an isolate that contains no THC at all.

Other information that appears on labels can include lot numbers, which associate the product with a certain manufacturing or harvesting batch. It can help trace the product back to quality control processes. Recommended storage conditions, packaging date, expiry date, number of units, directions for use and nutrition facts also commonly appear on labels.


A final word

All the requirements of cannabis packaging and labeling can be a challenge. Product labels provide consumers with the information they need to make informed decisions which is why they are so important. However, good cannabis labeling and packaging requires more than just compliance.

Companies cannot just use any old labeling and packaging and expect a product to sell. Legality and presentation are both important in order to achieve success. Compelling and high-quality labeling and packaging play a big role in making a cannabis customer choose one product over another.

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