Pre-Rolled Cones vs Rolling Papers: which is the better choice for you?



Smoking enthusiasts have always cherished the ritual of rolling their own joints, but with the advent of pre-rolled cones, the question arises: which is better? Rolling papers have been a staple in the smoker's kit for decades, evolving with the times to meet user needs. However, pre-rolled cones offer a simplicity that appeals to many, especially beginners. In this article, we delve deep into the comparison between pre-rolled cones and rolling papers, helping you decide which might be the right choice for your smoking experiences.

When it comes to choosing between purchasing a pre rolled cone or rolling papers, you need to keep in mind that the best product for you is always the one you personally prefer.  Both have amazing benefits and also their limitations.  Read on the for a detailed analysis of pre-rolled cones vs rolling papers as we dive deeper in to this topic.


Why choose Pre-Rolled Cones?

As the name suggests, pre-rolled cones are cones which have already been rolled for you.  Basically, they are empty joints that you just need to fill.  No need to roll ‘em.  What is so special about them?  What are the benefits?  Are they worth the higher cost?  Is it the right choice for you?  We are going to be discussing all these questions.


Ideal For Beginners

Remember your first attempt at rolling a joint? If it was less than perfect, you're not alone. Rolling a joint is an art, one that requires practice. For novices, pre-rolled cones eliminate the frustration. These ready-to-fill cones simplify the process: just grind your herb, fill the cone, and twist the top. This ease of use makes pre-rolled cones is one of the hottest selling points of pre-rolled cones.


Time-Saving Solution

Unlike traditional rolling papers that require a bit of skill and time to shape and seal, pre-rolled cones are a quick fix. They come with a filter tip already in place, making them not only faster but also more convenient, especially when you're on the move.

Mostly all pre-rolled cones have the filter tip already fitted in, which makes it more convenient, especially when you are trying to fill on the go.  So if you are looking for a speedy option which gives you a perfect joint each time, your best bet is to opt for a pre rolled cone.  It will save you nearly half them time.


What is the difference of pre-rolled joint and pre-rolled cone?

More often than not, there is a lot of confusion between what is a pre-rolled joint and pre-rolled cone.  A pre-rolled joint is already filled with herb, which leaves you with no control over what you’re going to be smoking.  Whereas a pre-rolled cone is just the rolled cone which gives you 100% choice over the quality and blend of herb you want to fill it with.


Pre Rolled cones come in different sizes and types of papers

The market for pre-rolled cones have expanded significantly, offering various sizes and paper types to suit any consumer preference.

At, we have options to suit all your needs, from the classic best-selling 1 1/4 size, 98 special, to the beloved king-size. We also offer the dog walker size, which is ideal when you want to have a quick smoke on your own.  There is a pre-rolled cone for every occasion and preference.

We offer a variety of paper types to suit your preferences, including unbleached options (similar to RAW Brown), as well as the popular hemp and rice papers like Elements—ensuring we have you covered. 

There are so many options that you will be able to get a pre-rolled cone in the size and paper type that suits your preference.

Pre roll cone size


Limitation of Pre-Rolled Cones

While we have seen that pre-rolled cones have a huge number of benefits, they also do have their limitations which you should know before making your decision. The first one is that they are more expensive than buy rolling papers.  The reason for this is the extra manufacturing process of turning the paper in to a pre-rolled cone.  A little price comparison for you:

Your typical pack of 3 cones retail for $0.99 which is $0.33 a cone. A booklet is $1 with 32 sheets equating to $0.031 per cone.  That being said, if you want to get pre-roll cone quality, you would need to buy the extra accessories needed to achieve that.

Another limitation is that pre-rolled cones are retailed in a smaller quantity compared to rolling papers, which would mean that you would need to stock up a lot more often.

Lastly, a limitation of using a pre-rolled cone is that they are not so easy to transport around, as you run the risk of crumpling them up. Conversely, rolling papers are super convenient to take with you on the go.


The Traditional Appeal of Rolling papers

Rolling papers have been around for as long as we know, and till today they hold a special place in the market and have been able to retain their popularity.  They are the economical choice, which has meant they have been able to stand the test of time.  One booklet can contain up to 32 sheets, which means it will last you a good amount of time.

Manufacturers like us ( have streamlined our manufacturing process perfectly, and we are creating and selling the highest quality papers, created from the finest fibers, vegan, GMO, organic and only 100% natural Arabic gum

Rolling Papers Allow You Full Control Over Your Experience

Rolling papers give you the ultimate control over every aspect of your joint. From the size and shape to the type of paper, rolling your own allows for a personalized experience. This control can enhance the satisfaction of the smoking experience, making it a ritualistic pleasure for many.

As previously discussed, the more you practice rolling, the better you become at it. Over time, as you perfect your skill, you'll be able to expertly craft both impressively fat joints and slender single servings. This allows you to create the exact joint you are in the mood for each and every time. 

Economic and Varied Options

Rolling papers are not only more affordable than pre-rolled cones, but they are come in a vast array to materials, sizes, and flavors.  Whether you prefer hemp, rice, flax, flavored, gold or also transparent cellulose rolling papers, the options are nearly limitless.  This variety allows you to further customize your smoking experience to a much greater extent than if you were to opt for pre-rolled cones.

Skill Development

If you are a person who enjoys the whole process, then it can be worth taking the time to master the skill of rolling your own joint.  It can be meditative and a rewarding hobby, improving with practice over time.

Limitations of Rolling Papers

While we have seen that rolling papers are as the most cost-effective option, and they also allow you to have a lot more options, they do have its limitations.  The first one being that if you are new to rolling — it can be tricky to get the hang of it, and you may burn through a lot of papers trying to practice getting a good joint.  That being said, it is possible to master the art of rolling, it just requires the 2 P’s — Practice and Patience!!

Another limitation is that if you choose the wrong paper type (ie too thin) or the wrong size (i.e., too small) it can make it very challenging for you to roll it as a a beginner.  Our recommendation is to go for with a thicker paper and a king-size paper.  It allows you with more flexibility when you are rolling.


Comparison of Costs and Convenience


Rolling papers are generally more economical compared to pre-rolled cones. They come in booklets that can provide many more joints per dollar than pre-rolled cones, making them a budget-friendly option for regular smokers.

Convenience for On-The-Go-Users

While pre-rolled cones offer unparalleled convenience, especially for beginners or those in a hurry, rolling papers are more compact and easier to transport without risk of damage

Which Should You Choose?

Deciding between pre-rolled cones and rolling papers ultimately depends on your priorities. If convenience and ease of use are your top criteria, pre-rolled cones might be the way to go. However, if you value customization and enjoy the process of rolling, traditional rolling papers could be more satisfying.


Both pre-rolled cones and rolling papers have their merits and can suit different smokers.  By understanding the unique benefits of each you, you can a more decision which aligns with your smoking habits and preferences.  Whether you decide you want the simplicity and ease of a pre rolled cone or the customizable nature of a rolling paper, both options provide you with a great pathway to an enjoyable smoking experience.


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