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When it comes to dispensary promo and choosing what cannabis swag is best to give out to your clientele the options today are endless even within a category.  

One of top selling items we always recommend is custom rolling trays. Custom branded rolling trays is the final touch to enhance your clients’ smoking experience and make them remember you well after they have left the dispensary.  Ultimately with any cannabis promotional products the goal is to have your brand in front of the customer as often as possible - this results in them subconsciously thinking of your dispensary first when they need to restock their goodies.

In this post we are going to guide you on the different custom rolling trays options we have as your number #1 CUSTOM CANNABIS PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT MANUFACTURER.  This should help you make a more informed decision which type of tray with be best suited for your client demographic, budget, timing, and program goals.  Ultimately knowing the answers to these key factors will help you choose the ideal 420 PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT to get the highest ROI (a.k.a increase your profits from handing out gifts!)

Let’s get started from the most exclusive to the most accessible:

1. CUSTOM BAMBOO ROLLING TRAY - This is the crème de la crème of our range.  This 100% natural bamboo tray comes with compartments to keep the rolling station as organised as possible.  There are designated areas to keep you: rolling papers, grinder, cones, lighter, and of course your herb!  This tray will have your design 3D printed edge to edge on either one or both of the side.

Bamboo rolling tray



You loved our custom bamboo rolling trays but thinking you want something that is equally as premium but a bit more in your range - then this 100% wood rolling tray is for you!

Custom wood rolling tray

 Why wood? Its natural, 100% biodegradable. lasts nearly forever, we can do 1 piece or 1,000 pieces of this design and over time, the wood will mature to tell its story.


What happens when you combine luxury and quality - you get a custom branded glass rolling tray.  These trays are 100% shatter proof and your design will become UV printed on it.  

We offer these in a small and large sizes.  They are designed with high quality translucent glass and curved edges to hold all your herbs in one place.

custom glass rolling tray

This beautiful tray is for that smoker who has a taste for the classier paraphernalia


Looking for a SUPER PREMIUM tray for your clientele?  Then this might just the tray for you

Gold stainless steel rolling tray

Made from 100% SS430 stainless steel we can custom engrave your logo on it making it look super classy!  We offer to a small (our best seller!) and medium sized tray in a range of colours (Gold (our best seller), Rose Gold, White Gold, Iridescence, Matte Black).

Why choose the steel tray?  It screams premium yet doesn’t come with a match price tag, it’s solid to the touch, virtually unbreakable and will last forever..!

 stainless steel rolling tray


If you are looking for an ethical tray to offer your clients than this VEGAN LEATHER ROLLING TRAY will bet perfect for your clientele.  We offer full printing to elevate your brand to another level and offer low minimums.

vegan leather rolling tray

The tray is is intelligently designed as it is held down by two buttons that allow you to assemble when in use and dissemble real quick when unwanted people walk into the room! 



custom rolling tray

Melamine is a great option if you want a tray that is dishwasher friendly, lasts almost forever and can customised with edge to edge printing for full brand visibility. What makes our melamine trays the best, is that they are 100% FDA approved. These lightweight trays which can be fully customised, in with a medium or large size make the perfect swag item.


Custom tin rolling trays work the best if you want a full color print, edge to edge. The print on a custom tin rolling tray is unmatched as we use flexographic print technology. If your design has gradation and lots of colors - tin is your choice hands down.  For the tin rolling trays we offer three sizes - small. Medium and large.  Also due to it being lightweight, it is extremely cost effective at larger volumes.

custom tin rolling tray

There you have it - the lowdown on all the custom rolling tray options we offer at ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.  Each tray can be customised to enhance your brand visibility, but ultimately the quantity you require, your budget and your target audience will place the biggest roll in you decision.  However no matter which one you do end up choosing it will be perfect to promote your dispensary and allow the product to do all the talking.

If you need more assistance in choosing the ideal product for your dispensary contact us at or send us a DM on instagram @rollyourownpapers.  One of our dedicated customer service reps is always ready to help you out and answer any queries.


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