How to increase PROFITS selling Custom Cones vs RAW Cones!


Whether you own a medical herbs dispensary or a smoke shop, there’s no better way to increase your profits and awareness than by creating custom cones and rolling papers. Read along to understand why it’s better to buy custom rolling papers and cones and not rely on products, such as RAW, to take away your uniqueness.


Why You Should Stop Selling RAW Cones

The primary reason why you should cease selling RAW cones is simple. Every dispensary or smoke shop sells RAW cones. By selling custom cones, you’ll free your brand from dullness.

 When all dispensaries and smoke shops carry RAW cones, consumers can easily turn to any of the options near them to satisfy their needs. However, once you offer a custom cone, clients will directly seek your brand because it’s unique.


There’s a certain psychological aspect that comes into play when it comes to branding. Consumers are more likely to become loyal to a brand that produces everything themselves - especially their logo. In the case of pre-rolled cones and rolling papers, a custom logo can mean the difference between keeping customers and not.


Customers are more likely to consider your brand when you carry custom cones or rolling papers because they understand that you went through a greater effort to produce them. Once you stop stocking your shelves with RAW and similar cones, you’ll find a larger percentage of customer retention.


Reduce Costs By Going Custom

Another fact is that creating custom cones and rolling papers results in reduced costs. Instead of purchasing RAW cones at a set price for a slight discount, it’s more efficient to buy bulk cones and rolling papers from a manufacturer that specializes in custom products.


There’s no doubt that custom cones and rolling papers are of better value when compared to the pre-set prices of RAW cones. Furthermore, your clients will thank you because you’ll be able to pass on savings to them. This is another primary reason for implementing custom pre rolled cones into your business boosts sales and customer retention.


Make Your Mark

Instead of giving a shout out to RAW cones, why not stock your shelves with your own custom rolling papers and cones? Instead of marketing someone else’s brand, it’s high time to market yourself and gain the profits that you deserve.

The dispensary and smoke shop market is already inundated with competition, and there’s no better time than now to separate yourself from the masses. Once you go custom - you’ll never go back.

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