Pre-Rolled Cones - The Future of Rolling


Before pre-roll cones, there was always a steady supply of rolling paper booklets and strong demand. However, the age of pre-roll cones has completely changed the landscape for herb dispensaries and smoke shops. Read along to understand why rolling paper booklets are on the decline and why pre-roll cones are on a meteoric rise - and what you can do to stay relevant.


Why Rolling Paper Booklets Are No Longer As Popular

One thing that can be said about rolling papers is the fact that there will always be a market for them. Whether it’s because users prefer to roll their own cigarettes or because they roll their own joints - they will always be in demand.

 However, the number of consumers that demand rolling paper booklets is steadily declining. The primary reason why is because of the introduction of pre-roll cones. Although there are many old-school consumers that believe rolling their own cigarettes or joints is a form of art; however, many others find pre-roll cones far more convenient.


For those that are accustomed to it, rolling a cigarette or a joint with a rolling paper can be done within a minute. Although this is incredibly fast, there is quite a bit of technique involved that must first be learned. Many beginners take upwards of 5-minutes and many mistakes until they get a decent roll from a rolling paper.


Compare that with pre-roll cones that require users to stuff material into the cone. Although the process may take as long as rolling a cigarette or joint, the fact remains that pre-roll cones are by far more user-friendly.


The Rise of Pre-Roll Cones

Pre-roll cones are dominating the market because they offer convenience. Pre-roll cones require minimal skills and are incredibly easy to use. Due to this, brands such as RAW, have completely taken over the market.



Considering that RAW controls the majority of sales for pre-rolls, it’s a good idea to implement your own pre-roll cones with a custom logo.


The idea behind a custom logo is that your brand should establish itself in the eye of the customer. Whether you own a herb dispensary or sell smoking supplies, there’s no better way than going custom to generate awareness and demand for your brand.

Although the demand for rolling paper booklets is decreasing, your brand can still profit from the fact that a following of customers will seek out your custom rolling paper booklets. In this sense, you’ll prove to your loyal customers that you have not forgotten them.

Furthermore, pre-roll cones are the new fad for many in the herb industry. Considering that the herb industry is rapidly growing, you should expect the same trend for pre-roll cones. With this in mind, it’s essential that your brand seeks a manufacturer,  such as Roll Your Own Papers, to produce customized rolling papers and pre-roll cones.

If you’re ready to turn a negative situation into a favorable scenario - use Roll Your Own Papers to enhance your company’s image and generate increased revenue by going custom.

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