The Difference between Vaporizing and Smoking Cannabis

Now that more and more states are legalizing recreational cannabis, people are becoming more enlightened about how they take their weed. Some people enjoy the culinary arts and build cannabis into their favorite recipes. Others prefer a good old-fashioned joint and then there are the modern MJ fans who like to vaporize their marijuana. 

For the newly initiated, the difference between smoking weed as opposed to vaporizing it is completely unknown. They are just too excited to be able to enjoy the wonders of different brands without looking over their shoulders the whole time. That is why we have put together this little piece of literature to enlighten the uninitiated. 

The physical differences

It does not take a genius to know that there are differences in how you enjoy your weed. Traditional smoking involves ground-up flowers that get rolled into a joint, whereas when one vapes, you rely on the oil. Another form of vaporizing also involves dry material and is believed to be less harmful. 

Most medical professionals agree that inhaling any form of smoke is bad for you. This is one of the reasons why the guys and gals who are new to weed opt for a vaporizer. 

These nifty gadgets produce vapor by heating either an oil or dry material to a very specific temperature. The material then vaporizes and is inhaled. It is not the same as smoking as the material does not start to combust, it merely starts to break up into very small pieces that look like smoke. 

Does the one method produce a better high?

Traditional smokers will tell you that there is no better high than a joint high. Before marijuana was made legal, these guys found pride in rolling proper joints and cones and today, they stick to it. 

However, when you vape cannabis, you are inhaling a concentrate, which means that the effects are fast acting and they are more potent. Just because the effects are more potent does not mean that it is necessarily better. Some people might be wary of this fact and prefer vaping over smoking, but they will water it down with other oils and tobacco to mute the effects somewhat. 

The same can be said for smoking a joint as well. To dampen the high effect, a smoker might mix the ground flower with some tobacco and roll a spliff. So, it all boils down to personal preference. Some people enjoy getting stoned out of their minds, while others prefer a slight buzz.

What are the different methods of smoking and vaping?

Smoking weed has been around for a very long time, which means that there are more inventive ways of getting high. The most common ways of smoking weed include rolling a joint or a cone and hitting up a bong. 

When it comes to the intensity of the two methods, though, the bong is by far the more potent of the two. This is purely because of the volume that is inhaled and the timespan. A joint burns like a cigarette while a bong is almost the equivalent of a cigarette in one hit.

Vaping has not been around for that long and there are only two methods of vaping. Either the marijuana oil is vaporized or some finely ground flower. The only advantage that vaping has over oil is that the smell of weed can be canceled out by adding other flavorants. 

But the industry has exploded and there are many companies that produce different types of vaporizers. This is one of the major appeals of it all and why people prefer this method. It’s clean, effective and as long as the battery is charged, you can get stoned. 

What are the effects of vaping and smoking?

As mentioned earlier, the effects of vaping and smoking are pretty much the same, except that studies revealed that vaping produces a stronger effect. In terms of your lungs, there is a significant difference, though. When you smoke weed, you inhale smoke, which is inherently bad for your lungs. 

On the other hand, there are not many studies that prove the adverse effects of vaping on the lungs. The general thought is that it is better for your lungs, but the studies have yet to prove this. When it comes to the type of effects that you are after, there is also no difference between vaping and smoking. 

The effects are purely reliant on the strain of cannabis. The strains with more THC produce a high effect, where the CBD strains produce a calming effect and are mostly used for its medicinal value. 

Which one is more expensive?

As with anything where there is variety, the quality will cost more. When you visit your local dispensary, it is like walking in a toy shop. There is so much to choose from that it becomes almost intimidating. For the ones who are new to smoking MJ, though, the biggest variable is not whether you want to vape or smoke. 

How much you intend to use is what is going to cost you. The average price for a gram of flower is between $7-10 and if you use a gram a day, it could end up costing you around $50 – 70 a week.  

When quantity is the biggest variable to take into consideration, then vaping is the more affordable of the two methods. You have much more control over the dosage that you intake and the effects are more potent. 

This means that you need less weed for the same effects. One standard THC cartridge will set you back around $40 to $70 bucks but when it is managed well, it lasts longer. 

The verdict

There is no clear winner between smoking weed or vaporizing it as with anything good in life; it boils down to personal preference. Some people enjoy the ritual of building the perfect spliff, while others prefer the cleanliness of vaping. Both methods have their pros and cons and cost around the same to enjoy. The best way to find out which method suits you is to test it out and see what you prefer. 


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