The Easy Way to Roll with Pre Rolled Cones

Now that more and more states are giving in to popular culture and realizing that the cannabis industry is a very lucrative one, the recreational side of marijuana got a whole lot more fun. Gone are the days where you had to hide your smoking habits. Now, people are going around and giving out tips on how to roll the perfect cone

For the newbies out there, a proper cone is a skill that seems so far out of reach. The joint either falls apart or is packed so tight that it is near impossible to play a little puff-puff pass. So to make things a bit easier and make you look like a pro, here are some tips on how to roll the easy way with pre-rolled cones

Choosing your pre-rolled cones

Whether you want to get your brand in with a dispensary or if you are the guy that takes pride in the joints he rolls, the process of the pre-rolled cones is the same. It all starts with choosing your cone, but there are a couple of variables to consider when choosing a cone. 

The main variables that you need to consider are paper quality, shape and filter type. For the few who want to make a business out of their rolls also need to consider branding.  


The paper

The paper that you use will mainly influence the quality of the cone itself and the taste. The thickness and variety of paper are the two main determining factors. When you start with the pre-rolls, then hemp, refined white and unrefined brown paper is what you will be looking at. For stability’s sake, choosing a paper that is between 15-50 GSM (grams per square meter) is the safest bet. 

For that thick velvety mouthful of smoke, there is no better choice than hemp leaves. Then again, different folks prefer different strokes and you will have plenty of fun in testing which paper is the one for you. 

The shape of the cone

The first thing to note about the shape of the cone is that anything goes. This is purely up to personal preference. The only difference is tradition. Cones are traditionally thin at the base with a wider diameter at the top end, while a tube is more uniform. 

Ultimately, the shape of the roll will influence the experience and look more than anything else. The other aspect of influence is the amount of flower that gets packed into a joint. The math is relatively simple. The bigger the cone, the more flower. 

Adding a filter

It is odd how the simple things in life make for the more challenging choices. Choosing a filter for your pre-roll is one of those seemingly simple choices but you will soon find that it is one of those choices that cannot go without through testing. 

Everything from W-tips, spiral tips, bio-cooling tips and economic tips will need to be tested out, but if you want to take a shortcut, the w-tip is the go-to filter tip. Its main point of attraction is that as you suck on the joint, next to no debris comes in your mouth. For a more sophisticated touch, glass and wood tips can also be used.

Adding the good stuff

Now that the shape and material is dealt with, you can finally get to the good stuff, the flower. There are three main types of flower to add to the joint, full flower, trim and blend. 

Once again, the choice of flower will differ from person to person and purpose to purpose. If you are in it for the money, then a blend will probably be your call. If making the perfect pre-roll is purely social, then full flower will be more in line with your purpose. 

Generally speaking, though, a decent blend between trim and full flower will produce a much smoother smoking experience. When mixed well, the dry trim makes for an even and gradual burn. 

The other factor that will have a major impact on the pre-roll is the strain. When you find a supplier of a strain that you like, hold on to the supplier as if your life depended on it. They are scarce and their reputation usually sky-rockets if their stuff is any good. 

Grinding it down

Now that the choice of flower is behind you, the next step is the grinding process. This process cannot be rushed and a lot rides on the quality of the grind. If it is too fine, then the pre-roll can become too stuffed and hard to smoke, whereas if the grind is too coarse, then the joint can become floppy and burn out too quickly. 

There is no need to go out and buy a super expensive grinder. Depending on the scale at which you grind your flower, you can get away with a coffee grinder. The only thing to watch out for is grinding for too long at a time. 

This could burn the flower and alter the taste of the joint. Pulse the grinder until the desired texture is reached. Again, how lucky are you that this is another phase that will need to be tested thoroughly. 

Filling the joint

For the purist at heart, filling the pre-roll by hand is the only option, but for that professional look, a packing machine is essential. In essence, the machine works like a vibrating sieve. The joint is placed upright at the bottom and ground flower is placed on a top tray. The tray starts to vibrate and gently fills the cone. 

When the cone is filled, you can use a metal stamp to tamp it slightly. What’s left to do is to finish it off. You can either do the classic top twist or the Dutch crown. The twist is the easiest way to seal off the pre-roll, but the Dutch crown looks so much better. The remaining paper is folded to the inside and seals the pre-roll like an unopened flower. 


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