The Only Guide You Need To Pre Roll a Joint

The Only Guide You Need To Pre Roll a Joint

What is a pre-roll?

A pre-roll, also known as a joint that is pre-rolled, is a joint that has already been filled with the herb and ready to smoke. It usually has ground cannabis rolled in a rolling paper, including a filter tip or crutch at one end. Pre-rolls take a commanding position in the cannabis market, thereby offering a quick solution for time- and skill-pressed users who might, at times, derive pleasure from rolling their but simply cannot be bothered with it. These are typically bought in dispensaries or cannabis shops, which have differences in strength, taste preferences, and the kind of effect that one may require by offering different strains, sizes, and mixes of the plant.

Why do I need to learn to make a pre-roll?

Learning to pre-roll joints yourself can save money, allow for customization of blends, and ensure the quality of the materials used. It’s a satisfying skill that adds a personal touch to your cannabis experience.

Tools you need for Pre-rolling

Before you begin, you need the right tools. Each item plays a crucial role in crafting the perfect joint.  The 4 main tools you need are:

1️⃣ Rolling papers of choice

2️⃣ Filter or crutch

3️⃣ Herb grinder

4️⃣ Your Herb


The Only Guide You Need To Pre Roll a Joint

What is a Filter or Crutch?

A filter, or crutch, is a piece of cardboard or glass that is added on one end of the pre-roll.  It's purpose is to provide make the pre-roll more stable and to also prevent any of the herbs from entering your mouth.


The Only Guide You Need To Pre Roll a Joint

Why Do I Need a Herb Grinder?

A grinder ensures your herbs are evenly ground, which is essential for a smooth, even burn.

How to Choose the Best Grinder?

Look for a grinder that offers a consistent grind and is easy to clean.

Choosing Your Herbs

The quality of your herbs directly affects the taste and experience. Opt for fresh, well-cured cannabis that grinds easily.

Characteristics of Good Quality Herbs

Good herbs are aromatic, free of pesticides, and have a sticky, yet crumbly texture.


The Only Guide You Need To Pre Roll a Joint

Step-by-Step instruction to pre-roll a joint paper:

Creating a pre-roll involves rolling a paper into a cylinder shape and filling it with your choice of herbs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to rolling a pre-roll:

Step 1️⃣: Grinding the Herbs

Use the herb grinder to grind the herbs to a consistent size, not too fine to prevent airflow blockage.

Step 2️⃣: Make the Filter

Take a piece of card or buy a pre-made filter and roll it into a cylinder to create a filter or crutch.  This will be placed at one end of the joint.

Step 3️⃣: Preparing the Rolling Paper

Hold the rolling paper with the adhesive strip at the top and facing you, ready to be licked and sealed.

Step 4️⃣: Filling and Rolling the Paper

Place the filter at one end of the paper, then evenly distribute the ground herbs along the length of the paper. Roll it gently with your fingers to form the shape of a joint, tuck the paper around the herbs, and roll upwards to seal.

Step 5️⃣: Sealing the Pre-roll

Lick the adhesive strip, complete the roll, and tap the joint on a flat surface to pack the herbs tightly.  Lastly, twist the excess paper at the tip to close the pre-roll.

🙅‍♀️Avoid doing these 4 things to ensure Perfect Pre-rolls🙅‍♀️:

Do not overpack the herbs.  This can totally ruin a good joint.  Aim to distribute the herb evenly and aim for a balance that allows for a smooth airflow and avoiding an uneven burn a.k.a canoeing.

Do not over grind your herb.  If it ground too tightly it can lead to a tight roll which can prevent a smooth airflow.  The goal is a fluffy grind that’s not too powdery.

Do not roll too tight or too loose.  A pre-roll which is too tight will have poor airflow, making it a challenge to smoke, whereas one that is rolled too loosely runs the risk of burning too fast and unevenly.  Choose a high quality, thin paper and make air for a balanced roll to ensure a smooth burn.

Leaving out a filter or crutch. Using a filter or crutch offers stability and structure but also prevents any of the herb getting in your mouth.

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