What Type Of Rolling Tray Is The Best For You?

What is a Rolling Tray?

Rolling trays are the perfect accessory to simplify the rolling process. Rolling trays are designed with a flat rectangular shape and raised edges making them the perfect accessory to ensure any loose herbs stays on the tray. Our custom rolling trays come in 3 different sizes (for the tin and melamine option) and are can be fully customized with you design and logo.


Types Of Rolling Trays

We offer rolling trays made from 3 different materials: solid wood, melamine and tin. Each one has its own benefits.


Our customized wood tray is a great collectible piece. They are ideal to customize for yourself or as a personalized gift.


The melamine and tin trays are a great option for brands wanting to use them for promo / swag or branded distribution.


Which rolling tray will best suit your needs? We’ve put together a full list of pros and cons of each of the trays to help you find the best one for you.



Custom Rolling Tray



Get in touch with us today to help you customize your rolling tray today!

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