Cool Cannabis Brands With the Best Packaging

When it comes to success, all you need to do is look at those who have accomplished it. However, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into creating the best packaging. In the world of dope, there are a handful of brands that stand out among the rest. Join us as we take a look at which dope brands have the best packaging - and how you can achieve the same level of greatness.






Plain and simple, RAW has nailed the packaging and marketing for pre-roll cones. RAW cones have become synonymous with dope consumption, and the vast majority of dispensaries and smoke shops carry their brand. 

Although the cone is notably high-quality due to the unrefined material, the packaging is the primary reason why users are so attached to the brand.

The packaging showcases its logo in large lettering and a standout color scheme. The packaging itself is unique because some of the cones come in standalone packaging, and other styles contain multiple cones. In other words, RAW has some of the best packaging because they have multiple types of packaging for each of their products. This idea keeps consumers interested in the brand over the long term.


Lowell Farms


 Lowell Farms has seen a tremendous rise in the last year due to its professional-style packaging. Lowell Farms specializes in pre-roll cones that are packed with dope. Although the pre-roll itself isn’t all that stunning, the packaging is.

Each package from Lowell Farms looks similar to an old-style pack of cigarettes. The box is simple-in-design and features their logo, along with the necessary warnings to remain in compliance with local regulators.


For their individual pre-rolls, they offer a small tube that can fit a single cone. The packaging design for a single cone is also simple and leaves customers feeling satisfied.



Kiva Confections



Another stand-out brand with excellent packaging is Kiva Confections. If your brand is searching for an example of the best packaging for dope, look no further.


Each chocolate is packaged into a sleek container that has their logo. Kiva’s logo is very refined, with an image of a marijuana leaf. Although the packaging does show a dope leaf, the overall look is very professional. This is essential for those that would like to be discreet or for those that want a dope product that looks “clean.”


Which Packaging Do You Want?


After looking at these three dope brands and their packaging, which do you like best? Although the product’s quality is essential for a brand to be successful, the packaging is just as important.

 This is why if you’re a dope brand that seeks to heighten your awareness and overall profitability, there’s no better idea than to utilize the help of Roll Your Own Papers to produce custom smoking accessories, such as cones and rolling papers.

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