5 Lucrative Ideas To Make Money In The Cannabis Industry



With the legalisation of recreational and medicinal cannabis in more and more states, it’s an industry that is expecting to the generate over $10 billion in revenue this year. With so much growth in the industry there is also a lot of competition.  However this industry is still experiencing so much growth which means there is still a lot of room for new entrants to grow a profitable business in the cannabis space (even if you do not want to be selling herb.)  

Here are 5 Ideas to help you launch your own business in the cannabis industry and get a piece of this $10 billion for YOU.


If you are passionate about writing and cannabis, this may be the perfect way to get a piece of the ever growing cannabis industry.  It is one of the fastest growing spaces for writers today.  With the legalisation of bud  there are more and more online companies / sites following and covering the budding cannabis industry,  Other things you could even consider is creating informational content that consumers may need? 

There are also many producing and retailing companies that need good bloggers to create value-added content for their sites and blogs which will allow them to attract potential clients.  You could create content for these kinds of blogs.  This is a space which has a lot of potential still for new entrants.

Custom cannabis swag



Starting a promotional products company can be very lucrative and even more so in the ever growing cannabis industry.

To start your business you will need to have an established direct sales dealer (such as Roll Your Own Papers) and pitch the products to businesses in the cannabis space who can then print their name and use the items for promotions or employee gifts.  For example: custom herb grinders, custom rolling trays, and any other custom cannabis promotional products your clients will  be interested in.  If sales is your forte and you are ready to start your own venture in the cannabis space becoming a cannabis promotional products distributor may just be your calling!

custom rolling paper booklets



It has never been easier to create your own branded custom rolling papers and create your  dream business around that.  

At Roll Your Own Papers you are able to create the exact paper and booklet you have imagined.

Whether you are creating a brand to pitch to a smoke shop, dispensary, wholesaler, festival vendor or you simply want to create a brand that you can market yourself there is so much potential for you in this space. 

Why choose to create your custom rolling papers with us at Roll Your Own Papers?

  • No one else in the manufacturing space can do this at such low volumes - allowing you to test the market before making a bigger order.
  • We have our own in house designers to help you with your artwork to perfect your design
  • Once your confirm your order we take care of everything and can blind ship directly to your preferred location
  • We fully print your design edge to edge creating a very premium product.



If SEO is your speciality you could choose to niche down in to the cannabis space and start helping cannabis specialised businesses with their SEO getting them more noticed on the online space.

The legalisation of cannabis has meant the e-commerce space has become more competitive.  Hence now there will be more and more need for specialist to help these companies step up and stand out. 

Even though many dispensaries have successful physical locations, a lot of them are losing out due to a lack in their SEO strategies which means this is a profitable way for you to monetise.  You can show them how imperative it is for them to up their SEO games and invest in a strategic partnership with a SEO specialist (like YOU) that focuses on the cannabis niche.


Retailing cannabis promotional products items with your own brand on Amazon is a lucrative and profitable way to enter the cannabis e-commerce space with very little barriers to entry.  Amazon is the is the leading e-retailer in the United States, accounting for nearly 40% of the U.S e-commerce products and averaging daily sales of $1.29 Billion.  

custom pre rolled cones

So how do you get a piece of this.  

You first choose the product or products you want to enter with - some of the ones we’ve seen do really well is custom cannabis smoker kits, custom rolling trays, custom herb grinders and custom pre rolled cones.  Once you decide which product(s) you want to start with you can place your order with Roll Your Own Papers, where we will completely brand the items you want with your logo and we can even ship it directly to amazon.  So with a little capital and you could start your very own lucrative cannabis swag business and watch the customers to come directly to you.

custom herb grinders

There you have it - 5 ways you can make money in the cannabis industry.  If you need help choosing the right product(s) to start your business check out our site www.rollyourownpapers.com or get in touch with one of our representatives at hello@rollyourownpapers.com who can help you through the whole process of choosing your products, getting the artwork done and delivered to your doorstep.  All you have to do is reach out and grasp the many opportunities that this industry has thrown your way


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