Our core manufacturing for pre roll cones involves, gumming, trapezoid cutting, rolling and pre roll tip insertion to finish into a semi-automated pre roll cone.

What sets our manufacturing apart from the competition is that we use a in house semi automated process of cone assembly.


Our customization for pre roll cones is:

• Custom printing on crutch.

• Custom printing on paper.

• Custom foiling on crutch with printing.

• Custom retail or bulk format.

• Custom printing requirements, few to mention; spot UV, embossing, foiling, anti-counterfeiting and PMS matching.


Sizes availability:

• 109/26 (King)

• 98/26 (98 Special)

• 84/26 (Quarter)


Minimums only start at one master case or 6000 cones with a client’s design printed edge to edge on crutch.


Please note; whatever you see in this collection is only less than 5% of formats and size availability. To custom make your own format, kindly contact us.

5 products

5 products